Pastoral Counseling
Let My Nearly Fifty Years Experience Guide Your Ministry

As one of the Founding Minister Trustees of LifeSpirit Congregational Church, established 1973, and as a retired attorney at law (36 years practice) I have garnered significant experience in the ministry and ministerial practices.  Let me share that experience with you.

Contact me for consulting services at with Consulting in the subject line.

I offer both one-on-one pastoral counseling for ministers ordained in LifeSpirit or other churches and webinar pastoral training.  

An example of my writing for topics important to Minister Practitioners is here:

Some of my group training is available through the LifeSpirit Seminary and Ordination Program (through the Lightwing Local Congreation of LifeSpirit) at: .

Other webinar training is available through my Vitamin Consultancy Webinar System at:

Among the webinars in that system that may be of interest to Minister Practitioners are Minister's CAM Practices, NGO Formation, Therapy Is Not Treatment, Lawful Copywriting among others.

The history of LifeSpirit Congregational Church and other matters of interest to the Ministry are included in my book, The LifeSpirit Commentaries, available through LuLu at:

The LifeSpirit Commentaries

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