Holistic Practitioners' Code

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Candle Offering

Candle Offering thanks to Osel Shen Phen, http://www.fpmt-osel.org/.


The Code

1. Be Harmless.*

2. Work with Informed Consent.

3. Work on the Whole Person.

4. Work on Your Self.

5. Breathe Deeply!

6. Honor Your Predecessors.


This Code was formulated in 1998 with the help of Rev. Mother Starr Fuentes and the Students of Divine Intervention (www.starrfu.com), Jan Rosenstreich of Mystic Gateway ) and Ralph Fucetola, JD (www.vitaminlawyer.com). The first three "rules" look to the Other; the second three to the Practitioner. Always remember balance! [*as modified 2010 with the help of Nancy Orlen Weber - formerly "Do No Harm"]



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