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The LifeSpirit and associated web sites have grown to over 200 pages of information, with hundreds of visitors daily, looking for information about LifeSpirit, alternative modalities and contemporary spiritual issues. The portal to the sites is

Links to the LifeSpirit Center home page ( the home pages of other LifeSpirit Organization centers, including the Northeast Holistic Center and the future home page of Lightwing Center and Earthbridge are through the LifeSpirit Organizations page, linked below. You can also link to the Online Cemetery and Sound Health Research Institute web sites which we maintain and to LifeSpirit Center's Solar Storms Pages -- remember, Earth Changes start with Solar System Changes...

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LifeSpirit Organizations
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The Online Cemetery
Solar Storms
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Dragon Circle at LifeSpirit Center
Tripod Rock Spiritual Energy Vortex

Witch Vox, Neo Pagan Listings

For extensive history and organizational materials,
History of the Church and Ministry

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LifeSpirit Center

The LifeSpirit Center Home Page, is your link to extraordinary information. With links to all the best alternative information sites, you can spend weeks "surfing the web" from our home page. There is more -- a hundred pages or more of archived LCC Bulletins and publications reaching back over twenty years. All your favorite Bulletin Homilies for the New Age and Messages from the Chair with hundreds of hypertext links to all the information you expect from us.

In addition, we have posted the LifeSpirit Connection, a linked index of dozens of alternative practitioners (mostly NYC metro area) and the LifeSpirit Services page, detailing the alternative modalities available in private association with the Center.

If you want to be considered for listing, please email us your information at and put "Link Exchange" in the subject line.

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