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Nancy Orlen Weber
Renowned Psychic & LifeSpirit Minister
on Larry King Live
9 PM EDT April 27, 2004

Psychic Detective
The Gift of Interspecies Communication
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ISBN 0-9646118-2-1

Psychic Detective
Stories & Exercises for the Soul
by Nancy Orlen Weber

The Unlimited Mind Publication
A division of NOW, Inc.

Who Done it? Have a hunch? Not because a skilled writer has cleverly crafted the story to allow you the delight of solving the mystery before the story's conclusion. Your hunch deals with real life, with breaking news, with events not being contrived for entertainment. And, in your mind's eye, you see. Are you just being fanciful or do you have valid insights, intuitive knowledge?

Because "all life is a exploration that has infinite possibilities," author Nancy Weber not only tells us that the latter is the case, she asserts that with simple exercises, each day "teaching your mind what you expect it to do," we can develop our latent psychic abilities.

In Nancy Weber's newly released book, "Psychic Detective Stories & Exercises for the Soul," she relates her amazing, true tales of psychic detective work and then, through exercises and analogies, helps the reader develop similar skills.

To start, Nancy writes about the simple delight of helping people find lost articles. Imagine the pleasure-and smug self-congratulations-of being able to tell your spouse where to find the missing car keys. Sure, all the logical places have already been searched. That's why it's your intuition that must be exercised into astounding success. It will be in the very first chapter.

Of course, Nancy Weber wasn't awarded a detective's badge by a New Jersey police department for finding lost keys. Tales of her work include heart-warming stories of finding missing children and blood-curdling ones of being called in to aid in unsolved murders. We feel her self-restraint as many negate the possibility of psychic powers and celebrate as she demonstrates her exceptional talent. And, then, wonder about our own hidden potential as Nancy outlines how she did it and provides step-by-step building blocks for developing our own individual powers.

Ironically, Nancy points out that even though most detectives recoil at the thought of anything other than cold, hard, scientific logic being the path to solving a crime, the best detectives are those who follow their hunches. Most would flinch at the notion of that being psychic ability but, as Nancy points out, call it what you want, anything is just another name for psychic ability.

"Psychic Detective" offers unusual multi reading pleasures. First, this book is a compelling read for anyone who enjoys a story well told. Then, mystery genre and true-story weave their irresistible pull on the imagination. All of this is sufficient enjoyment potential to highly recommend this book. But, like a fabulous desert after a wonderful meal, "Psychic Detective" also is a fun filled adventure in developing one's own intuitive powers. Just imagine the amusement when you are able to help family and friends find missing items.


The Gift of Interspecies Communication
Stories and Exercises for the Soul
by Nancy Orlen Weber

Unlimited Mind Publications

"The Gift of Interspecies Communication" is Nancy Weber's latest mind treat, encouraging us to shed old beliefs, accept expanded ones, realize our greater potential and stop being sheepish about the wonderful conversations we've enjoyed with our pets. It's all because, "What I love most is to see people's light shine brighter."

Just as Nancy Weber helped us develop our psychic abilities in her first book, "Psychic Detective," she is now out to wake the Dr. Doolittle capacity that lurks within us all. Yes, she says that we can talk to the animals. In Heart Talk.
Heart Talk is what Nancy calls the communication between herself and a cat, a dog, a horse, a bird, an ant, a fly, a grasshopper-any sentient being. Although there is a comfort in translating this exchange into the familiar structure of words, Nancy encourages us to recognize that this is a parlance of its own, beyond the limitations of any language in which we are used to articulating thoughts. Most importantly, it is a communication form Nancy believes we are all capable of learning and from which she is sure we benefit.

Like gifted teachers throughout time, Nancy uses memorable stories-her own experiences-to help us develop fluency in Heart Talk. And, as an insightful modern educator, she interweaves exercises to reinforce lessons and spark our individual latent abilities.

The stories that Nancy tells give us permission to remember our childhood encounters with other sentient beings, when we were probably more open to feeling that we understood the messages we thought we saw in their eyes. They also guide us through an understanding of the respect these beings deserve and the lessons we can learn from them.
Mu, a cat, Nancy credits with being one of her gurus, demonstrating about living "within a code of ethics filled with integrity, humility, compassion, kindness, humor and love."

Of course, most of us wish to communicate about issues of love, expressing ours for our pets and enjoying the return of theirs. But those of us who undertake better lives for rescued animals enjoy added communication benefits as Nancy opens us to understanding their expressions of pain: physical and emotional. This enables us to act upon the information, shortening the time until they feel comfortable and cherished. The Heart Talk we learn is an invaluable tool.
Nancy also helps us understand that it is within the nature of our pets to rove. "Going missing" is not an expression of their lack of love but of a momentary desire for adventure gone awry. We learn from her work in finding missing pets a level of mutual trust and thought-communication that could make all the difference in being reunited with a pet that is probably as upset as we when it cannot find its way back home.

As an animal communicator and psychic, Nancy's life has been filled with difficult cases and happy endings. Her stories deal with the horses, dogs, and cats with which she has been called upon to work. Her love for them and everything living shows through as she also reveals delightful encounters with birds, ground hogs and her own pet family.
This is a book that not only teaches us Heart Talk but talks to our hearts.

About the Author:

Nancy Weber, R.N., has appeared on national television, radio, and the lecture circuit recounting her work as an animal communicator and psychic detective. She is a registered nurse who has worked in a locked psychiatric ward and a holistic health lecturer. She is also an educator, motivational speaker, radio and TV host, interfaith minister and author of prose, poetry and song lyrics, motivational and holistic health articles, as well as books. Cofounder and president of the Holistic Alliance International, she practices what she preaches and leads a life of fulfilling her unlimited possibilities-a potential with which she believes we are all gifted.

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