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Federal Emergency Management Agency website,
Strategic Report 2003-2008 opens with:

"As the Nation faces the risks associated with
changing weather patterns, violent storms, sudden earthquakes...."

Please help the Civil Society Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) that responded so quickly to the Tsunami and Hurricane Tragedies.  Click Here.

Earth Changes Warnings!
Real Time Storm, Earthquake & Volcano World Map


Urgent Warning!
H5N1 Avian Influenza
Possible Pandemic

"The birds of Qinghai are in the air."
An MD's Opinion: WHAT TO DO.

Wrath of God Superstorms
2006 season... continues into November
Superstorms of 2005

Katrina, Rita, Wilma and beyond - Weather Wars!
Warmest Summer in 400 years - 09/28/05

Major Aurora Activity:  Radiation Storms!
The Millennial Auroras - Harbingers of Change



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Solar System Changes Lead to Earth Changes!

Global Consciousness Events Predictor
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 Blue starts to fade in at 90% and above.
 Green represents about 50%
 Yellow starts fading in from green at 40%.
 Orange fades in at 15% or so.
 Red is 5% which is regarded as "significant".
 Bright red is 1%, or odds of 1 in 100.

The color of the button shows the approximate coherence vs randomness of the data being generated by the 65 random number generators, worldwide, that are part of the Project.  Green is random, red indicates the high level of coherence that has been seen to predict immanent events that register in global consciousness.  Such coherence has occurred up to 24 hours before such an event.  See the GCP site for details.  Currently the button does not work with all browsers; we find that it works with Firefox.  The data you see is about 12 minutes old. 
For our views on Global Consciousness, see:
Rewiring Reality

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 For an alternative view of matters cosmic -

by Immanuel Velikovsky

 Do electromagnetically active comets impact Space Weather?

 Is Niburu coming into the
 Inner Solar System?

 LifeSpirit Center's
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 Awesome Hubble Deep Space Images - 03/09/04

 Cosmic Gateways:
 Rewiring Reality - 2003/04

 Darkstar: Nibiru as
 Brown Dwarf Solar Companion

 Chemtrails connections to Earth Changes


 "12/12/03 - BARCELONA, Spain -- A Spanish-American scientific team will be scanning the United States this winter for what might be one of the weirdest byproducts of global warming: great balls of ice that fall from the sky.

 "The baffling phenomenon was first detected in Spain three years ago and has since been reported in a number of other countries, including the United States. So scientists now plan to monitor in a systematic way what they call "megacryometeors" -- or great balls of ice that fall from the sky.

 "'I'm not worried that a block of ice may fall on your head," said Dr. Jesus Martinez-Frias of the Center for Astrobiology in Madrid. "I'm worried that great blocks of ice are forming where they shouldn't exist.'

 "Ice balls, which generally weigh 25 to 35 pounds but can be much bigger, have punched holes in the roofs of houses, smashed through car windshields, and whizzed right past people's heads."

Galactic Solstice -

Magnetic Flip -



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 Listing of large X-class solar flares


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Real Time Storm, Earthquake & Volcano World Map

















 Millennial Auroras - Overview and aurora activity updates - X-17 Class Flare on 09/09/05
 H5N1 Avian Influenza - Possible Pandemic
 The Wrath of God Superstorms of 2005

 The Wrath of God - Superstorms

The 2007 Season

Real Time Storm, Earthquake & Volcano World Map

The 2006 Season

July 2006 was the warmest July on record in Europe and saw a major heat wave in North America.

While the 2006 summer storm season was mild in North America, severe typhoons battered Asia and the Superstorm of November 14 - 16, 2006 produced some of the most severe late season tornados in recorded weather history.

Details to be posted.  See also:

2005 - The Warmest Summer in 400 Years

"September 28, 2005 09:47 IST -New satellite photos show that the polar ice pack has shrunk by 30 per cent since 1978 and the melting is speeding up, causing the warmest summer in 400 years and changing the flora and fauna and culture of the region, according to a NASA report to be released this weekend. Scientists said Artic may be caught in a "vicious cycle" of global warming. As ice melts, there is less white matter to reflect sun's heat back into space. The dark ocean absorbs more of sun's heat and that, in turn, melts more of the ice pack."

  Superstorms of 2005...

10/19/05 - Wilma, the season's record tying 21st storm - strongest Cat 5 so far...

"MIAMI (Reuters) - Hurricane Wilma became the fiercest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded as it churned towards western Cuba and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula on Wednesday, threatening densely populated Florida...  Early Wednesday, a U.S. Air Force reconnaissance plane measured top sustained winds of 175 mph (280 kph) and logged a minimum pressure of 882 millibars, the lowest ever observed in the Atlantic basin. That meant Wilma was briefly stronger than any Atlantic storm on record, including both Katrina, which devastated New Orleans in late August, and Rita, which hit the Texas-Louisiana coast in September."

09/01/05 -Our hearts go out to all those who were in the path of Hurricane Katrina.  We urge everyone to support the NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that responded so quickly to the catastrophe.  Click Here.  An equally powerful Typhoon, Nebo, churns in the Pacific while weather observers predict an unusually severe storm season, noting the doubling of the severity and frequency of summer season storms over the past few decades.

One point to note: we saw the Global Consciousness Project warning signal "go to red" several times as Katrina began to grow from category 1 to category 5.  See:

It has been a focus of this site that significant climate changes are occurring, triggered by factors such as solar system and human activity.  With the reality of global warming clear to all who do not have vested interests in denying the obvious, we can expect to see more frequent and more powerful storms.

People should prepare their families to weather significantly more powerful storms, including hurricanes, tornados and winter storms as well.  This period of weather chaos can be expected to continue for at least several decades, as we learn just how far global warming will push the climate, how high the oceans will rise.

The climate system is an expression of the mathematics of Chaos.  We can expect a considerable period of chaotic weather, as the Earth finds a new climatic balance.  So the Wrath of God that we seem to be witnessing may have less to do with that Old Curmudgeon, Enlil/Yahweh/Allah than with the always unpredictable forces of Eris, Goddess of Chaos...

09/21/05 - Update:  watch Hurricane Rita... already a Cat 5 building in mid-Gulf.  Has global warming increased Gulf water temperatures just enough to generate more frequent Superstorms?  This may have been the storm season in which the balance was tipped.

See: How High will the Seas Rise?

Superstorm watch site:



For overview and continuing Aurora Activity, see: Millennial Auroras

Bright auroras seen across North America -

04/01/05 - Increased Internet chatter tells us to watch the Heavens carefully over the next months for unusual events heralding major planetary changes.

"--- In, "ecetiwebmaster" <ecetiwebmaster@y...> wrote: April 2005 - By Mahala

The energies have been really different since the tsunami last December. Could this change in energy have to do with the gamma ray burst that happened just 44.6 hours after the tsunami? This gamma ray burst was 100 times more intense than any burst that had been previously recorded, equaling the brightness of the full Moon. This burst originated from SGR1806-2 which is a neutron star and is located about 10 degrees northeast of the Galactic center and about 45,000 light years from us. In Paul LaViolette's book titled Earth Under Fire he presents evidence that a strong gravity wave might be expected to travel forward in front of a galactic superwave and would be the first to arrive here. He  points out that such gravity waves could induce substantial tidal forces on Earth during their passage that could induce earthquakes and cause polar axis torquing effects. Isn't that exactly what happened on December 26, 2004? There could also have been other events associated with that quake.

We are still reeling from the effects of that Gamma Ray Burst. That burst hit the moon first, and then it bounced off and hit the Earth's  ionosphere, which caused it to light up. This burst was very high frequency energy and the Earth is still shaking and quaking from it. On December 26, there were 17 major 6 and 7 point earthquakes recorded. By December 27, about 30 quakes were recorded, not only in the Sumatra area, but all over the world, and it's still quaking. When something that dramatic hits our ionosphere, it also affects us personally and we move into high-speed transformation. . ."


Possible Pandemic

WHAT TO DO - a leading natural MD's opinion

Information on supplemental Silver and normal immune function

Monthly Maps of AI spread:

Global Crisis Advisory: Avian Flu Information Page,

2006 Entries:

July 7, 2006 - Avian flu appears in birds in Spain.

February 2006 - clusters of avian flu appearing in Africa and Europe.

January 8, 2006 - Half Dozen Confirmed Cases of H5N1 in Turkey

2005 Entries:

August 2005 - A number of sources are predicting that H5N1 Avian Influenza may produce a major, world-wide pandemic during the 2005 - 2006 flu season.  Here are some links to this important issue.  Please take this warning seriously. "The birds of Qinghai Lake are in the air..."*

*  The birds of Qinghai Lake, China are (end of August) beginning their annual flight toward Europe,
possibly carrying Avian Flu which may be mutating to a more dangerous form.


"Various U.S. and U.N. agencies and the Council on Foreign Relations are spreading the word that the Avian Influenza, if it breaks out this fall or winter, could be as severe as the worldwide Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918, and they are predicting hundreds of millions of deaths worldwide. This influenza, currently isolated in China, is a hemorrhagic illness. It kills half of its victims by rapidly depleting ascorbate (vitamin C) stores in the body, inducing scurvy and collapse of the arterial blood supply, causing internal hemorrhaging of the lungs and sinus cavities. Most people today have barely enough vitamin C in their bodies (typically 60 mg per day) to prevent scurvy under normal living conditions, and are not prepared for this kind of illness." Sepp Hasslberger

October 9, 2005 - NPR reports that Avian Flu has been detected in chicken flocks in Turkey. 
 The birds of Qinghai are arriving in Europe. . .

October 15, 2005 - AF confirmed in the Danube Delta, Rumania.

October 26, 2005 - AF suspected in Portugal and England.

November 1, 2005 - more detailed map of AF spread in Europe -

November 25, 2005 - Avian Flu variants found in birds throughout Canada

Report that silver supplementation supports immune response to all viruses -
Our favorite source of silver -


A Natural MD's Opinion:  WHAT TO DO (10/22/05)

The opinions expressed below are solely those of Dr. Laibow, but are certainly worthy of consideration.

Worried about Avian Flu? Don't be. As a physician and a scientist, I want to share the best news of this flu season: You can prevent or treat the Avian Flu (IF it develops the ability to infect humans) easily, simply, cheaply, safely and naturally. And I know that there are things you can do to make the problem much, much worse. The choices are yours. Please share what you are about to read with everyone you know. This information could save huge numbers of lives.

Please remember, though, that this information is not a diagnosis or a treatment plan. It is educational material intended to help you develop your own personalized disease prevention or treatment strategy. You might want to consult a nutritional professional or natural physician to help you personalize it for you and your family.

How does the Avian Flu do its damage? Birds (or humans if the virus mutates spontaneously - or is mutated in a lab) die because the H5N1 virus depletes Vitamin C stores so quickly that the cause of death is fulminate scurvy. Scurvy is the same disease that killed seamen on long voyages because unless we get enough Vitamin C from our diet or our supplements, we get sick or die. Humans cannot make Vitamin C but we need it for a great many vital processes
including immune function and vascular integrity. This particular type of virus uses up Vitamin C stores so quickly that the immune system is overwhelmed and the blood vessels loose their structural integrity: they leak so badly that infected animals literally bleed to death through those damaged vessels.

Prevention? Vitamin C: lots and lots and lots of Vitamin C. Treatment? Lots and lots and lots of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is not toxic. Under stress (like a viral infection), your need for Vitamin C is increased. When your body has had enough, your body will tell you by soft stools or diarrhea. This is not a sign of toxicity: it is a sign that you have reached "Bowel Tolerance" (BT). Once you get there (and it can be at 1 gram or 20 grams: your body will tell you), cut back to 75% of the dose that represents BT for you and keep taking that dose EVERY DAY.

Write down each of the 4 daily doses of Vitamin C that you take each day because you will be increasing your intake gradually until you find the amount that you need for immune support. This dosage information is important enough that it could literally save your life so it is worth taking the time to record this information carefully and stick to the dosing schedule precisely. If you mess up, don't quit, but do make your best effort to stick to it.

You will start with 1 gram per dose so, for example, on Day 1, suppose that you take 1000 mg (= 1 gram) of Vitamin C every 4 hours for a total of 4 grams. On Day 2, increase the first dose to 2 grams and then take 1 gram for your other 3 doses. (You will take 4 doses per day). On day 3, take 2 grams for your first and second doses and 1 gram for the remaining two doses. On Day 3, you would take 2 grams for the first three doses and 1 gram for the next dose. You would continue increasing your dosage in that way until your body lets you know via your GI tract that you've reach the level you need. Now multiply that total daily dose by 0.75 and you've got your daily dose.

For example, suppose you reach Bowel Tolerance at 10 doses. Multiply by 0.75 and you now know that you need 7.5 grams of Vitamin C a day for immune system support. You would do well to take reasonable doses of Vitamins E and A along with Zinc and reduced L-Glutathione since they work together with Vitamin C. How much? That depends upon your weight, health, etc. I would also recommend that you take a good Multivitamin along with the preventive levels of Vitamin C described above. The Multivitamins I recommend have so much in them that a full adult dose requires 6 capsules or tablets to get all the nutrients in. A single multivitamin cap is just not potent enough to provide serious immune support, no matter what the company tells you.

And I hope it goes without saying that the more processed foods you eat, the more chemicals, flavors, preservatives, pesticides, sugar and artificial sweeteners, in short, the more junk you put into your body, the more acidic your body will be and the less resistant to viral infection it will be. So now would be a great time to switch over to a diet rich in fruits, dark and brightly colored veggies, free range animal protein and organic everything. Those are food choices that build your immune capacity, not bang it around.

Selenium blocks deadly mutations in the Avian Flu virus (J American College Nutrition 20: 384�88S, 2001; FASEB Journal 15: 1846�48, 2001; Journal Nutrition 133: 1463�67S, 2003) while elderberry syrup has been shown to be an effective flu remedy (J International Med Research 32:132�40, 2004; Israeli Medical Assoc Journal 4:919�22, 2002; European Cytokine Network 12:290�6, 2001; J Alternative Complement Medicine 1:361�9, 1995). Garlic is a highly effective anti viral substance which should be part of your diet ( Planta Medica 58:417�23, 1992).

Children's doses should be titrated the same way taking the weight of the child into account.

That part is important: this part is even more important: at the very first indication of anything that might be viral disease, increase your Vitamin C immediately. DO NOT WAIT TO SEE IF THINGS GET WORSE! INCREASE YOUR VITAMIN C TO YOUR NEW BOWEL TOLERANCE LEVEL. That level might be very, very high. Vitamin C is not toxic. Unlike drugs, which poison enzymes and are thus capable of severe toxicity, nutrients, especially water soluble ones like Vitamin C, have no meaningful level of toxicity. Your body knows what you need. Pay close attention to it.

In the event that you think you may have the flu, take the amino acids l-lysine, l-proline and l-glycine. An average size adult can take up to 3 grams of each one 4 times a day since they help prevent the spread of the virus in your body.

My personal regimen for immune health includes high dose Vitamin C and Vitamins A and E along with zinc and L-Glutathione:

I travel with Olive Leaf Extract, Oil of Oregano (not to be taken by pregnant women since it can cause abortions), goldenseal, Echinacea, curcumin (from turmeric), probiotics, B complex, fish oil and alpha lipoic acid. I drink organic green tea and I do not eat any sugar whatsoever.

If you do become ill, the best thing you can do is contact a physician who practices natural and nutritional medicine and begin a regimen of Intravenous Vitamin C treatments (you may need between 100 and 200 grams (not milligrams) for a short time since the Avian Flu is so good at using up your urgently needed Vitamin C.

Here's what you may choose not to do:

Do not take Tamiflu (oseltamivir). The widely touted antiviral drug (like its cousin Relenza or zanamivir) produced drug resistant viruses in 18% of children treated with the drug and a drug resistant strain has been found in a Vietnamese girl treated with the drug. A drug resistant strain would be a far more dangerous virus than one which had not learned how to evade the drug's effect. Viruses can not become resistant to Vitamin C.

Do not take FluMist

FluMist is a live virus vaccine which introduces between 10 and 100 million viruses into the nose. Those viruses are not the same as the Avian Flu and therefore do not confer immunity against it since only the identical virus could do that. FluMist is based on last years viruses which were not effective against last year's viruses. They are certainly not effective against the Avian Flu virus which has not yet become infective to humans so no vaccine exists against it in its infective form.

However, once treated with FluMist, people shed live, infective viruses for up to 3 weeks which can give people flu In fact, immuno-compromised people, nursing babies, people with eczema, HIV, taking steroids, chemotherapy, radiation treatment (or the 60% of the American population which is chemically immuno-suppressed) are at significant danger if they come into contact with anyone who has been inoculated with FluMist.

FluMist is delivered into the nostrils by a forceful squirt. This puts infective viruses very close to the brain where they can pass through the thin cribiform plate at the top of the nostrils and enter the brain. It is not known if such treatment causes encephalitis. Only time will tell but the risk is a serious one considering the morbidity (sickness) and mortality (death) caused by encephalitis.

Each of the three viruses in FluMist can mutate and can cause mutations in the Avian Flu. Those mutations can supply the Avian Flu virus as it currently exists with the genetic sequences it needs to become a pandemic virus. The FluMist live virus nasal inoculation can assist the much feared Avian Flu virus to transform into the very pandemic we are being told to fear

Flu Vaccines for a pandemic version of the Avian Flu do not exist. The only way to make a vaccine against a particular virus is to have the virus available and then make a toxic brew filled with poisons (mercury, aluminum, squalene), foreign particles (egg, chick, and other proteins) and contaminants (stealth viruses, etc.)That flu virus does not yet exist, we are told. Assuming that it is not already manufactured and waiting for release in a lab somewhere, it would be 6 months before an Avian Flu vaccine could be ready. Vaccination with anything else would not help a bit with the Avian Flu strain which we are supposedly facing disaster from.

But, assuming that we already had a vaccine for the right flu strain, and assuming that vaccines were safe enough to use (which I do not believe they are since vaccines are very dangerous treatments which should be approached with the gravest reservations) the fact is that they do not produce immunity most of the time. We have been ballyhooed and mislead about the efficacy and safety of vaccination.

It is neither efficacious nor safe. And to ask the American people to submit to vaccinations which are infective (because they spread live vaccines), ineffective (because they are not vaccines against the real danger which does not exist yet and vaccines take 6 months to make) and dangerous (disease rises sharply with vaccination) and for which manufacturer liability is being removed is not good medicine, good policy or good sense.

Please safeguard your life and that of your loved ones. Pass this information to everyone you know so that they can delve further and make their own choices.

And please visit to sign to new Citizen's Petition which contains the Revised Vitamin and Mineral Guideline which can make the US Codex Compliant and preserve your rights to optimal health through nutrition. If you have signed it before, you can sign it again since the original Citizen's Petition has been revised.

Yours in health and freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

And the possible role of cyclical Vitamin D depletion on Influenza outbreaks:


> PM Monday, January 24, 2005
Global Warming

> Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, head of the official U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
> said he now believes the world has "already reached the level of dangerous concentrations
> of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere."
> Pachauri's statements included a call for immediate "very deep" cuts in pollution as necessary for
> humanity's survival.

01/20/05 - "RADIATION STORM" - X-7 Class Solar Flare, "one of the strongest radiation storms of the current 11-year solar cycle"  and "strongest... since 1989" according to may spark more strong auroras; some observers consider such strong solar activity, nominally 4 years after the supposed year 2000 peak of the cycle, to be continuing evidence of pending solar system changes. How common is such activity?  The Proton Storm of 01/20 was the largest in 50 years of record keeping.

See:  Millennial Auroras
Also: A New Kind of Solar Storm


01/18/05 - Mayan Elders' Earth Changes Warning

01/10/05 - "Through the ancient techniques of divination and tools of prophecy, the Mayan elders are calling forth to humanity at THIS TIME to pay closer attention to the messages being sent forth by the mother earth and to immediately take the actions they have been calling for, to unite in an effort to bring balance again upon our planet. The recent destruction that manifested in Indonesia is predicted to now occur rapidly upon five continents of the earth. This message is not meant to induce fear, to the contrary, it is a call for bravery and for action. The elders are concerned about what has been presented in their recent divinations and they call to all humanity to warn their leaders and to work very hard at a spiritual level to prevent the impending destruction. This message, verified and brought forth by various Mayan elders in Guatemala, is for all of humanity. The hurricanes in the US and the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia have been warnings and we must now pay attention or the possibilities of floods in Europe, Los Angeles, earthquakes and other efforts of the mother earth to awaken us will manifest quickly.

Balance of message at:  Mayan Elders - World Earth Changes Prayer Day (01/18/05)

01/07/05 - Blue Star Comet Close Encounter  - 'This Hopi Blue-green star appearing with the naked eye is echoed in the Dames borrowed R.V. team results as a time marker during a warring conflict when all would stop and historically ´look up in wonder´...could this be Comet C/2004 Q2 (Machholz) - the first comet to come this close to us and be clearly this color as observable in the Northern hemisphere coming into view from the 7th-15th trailing just behind the Earth from a southern angle up and reaching a solar system equatorial perihelion on 01/07/05?'

Article -
Blue Comet Photo -



First Look:  To 2004 - Build up of Aurora Activity.

 November 2004 - For the third year in a row, aurora activity has been seen deep over the skies of middle/south North America.

 A quick web review of historic sightings of auroras (for example, as shown in this Astronomy Timeline or Aurora Frequency Map) suggests sightings in middle/south North America are increasing.

 Folk memory suggests aurora sightings as far south as the middle Atlantic states occurred not much more often than once a generation: less often as far south as the high dessert or Rio Grande valley.  Even after the most recent peak in the eleven year solar activity cycle (2000) recent sightings continued in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

 It is a focus of this web page that such evidence of solar activity can indicate coming earth changes:  "Solar System Changes Lead to Earth Changes..."

Second Look:  2005 Escalating Aurora Activity

 See:  January 20, 2005 biggest Radiation Storm in 15 years, Here.  Auroras seen in central Europe on the 20th, in Arizona on the 18th.  The Proton Storm of 01/20 was the largest in over 50 years of record keeping.

Since January 2005, aurora activity has occurred nearly every month, even those months, such as July, where solar activity is rare.  States

July "July is supposed to be a poor month for auroras, but this July hasn't been bad. A series of weak coronal mass ejections and solar wind streams have sparked pleasing Northern Lights as far south as Wisconsin and Washington in the USA."

August "A pair of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) hit Earth's magnetic field on August 24th, sparking a severe geomagnetic storm. These CMEs were launched toward Earth by M-class explosions near fast-growing sunspot 798. Sky watchers saw auroras as far south as Colorado and Utah in the United States."

If one goes to the SpaceWeather aurora gallery and works backward, month by month, the emerging increase in solar activity becomes very clear;

September - Seven X class flares including a "Monster" 17 X Flare on the 9th - causing auroras four days in a row -

September 7 - 13
Nine X-class Solar Flares in six days

The impact of such repeated influxes of solar energy on the Earth's weather is unknown, but will be revealed as we experience the next few weeks of extreme weather.

According to, September 2005 was the most active solar month in 15 years (it was also the driest September recorded in the NE US).

Since "Solar System changes lead to earth changes..." we can expect more of the unexpected.

From Homilies for the New Millennium
[Vol XXV, No. 2 -- 06/01/00]

Evolution and Change into the Year 2012 Gateway

 As we rapidly shift through the spiritual gateways which marked the end of the old millennium (the end of the age of Pisces) -- the alignments and eclipses of the Summer of '99 and into the gateways marking the new millennium (symbolically, finally, the Sunrise of the "dawning of the Age of Aquarius") at the Grand Alignment of May 5, 2000, we are experiencing a realignment of the Way of Life on earth.

 What we do, how we do it, and the choices we have, are all changing. The pace of this change accelerates, moving us from Industrial Revolution abundance to Internet Revolution interconnectedness in a two century blink of the eye. It is said this process will peak in the "Final Year" (of the Mayan calendar, at least!) of 2012, on the Winter Solstice.

 We can hardly imagine where this is leading us, thus, the expectations of catastrophe. Well, catastrophes do happen, changing everything. Yet, Life goes on, and after the Sunrise comes the flowering of a new Day.

An earlier instance of catastrophes is the Cosmic Event that ended the age of the giant reptiles. Before the Event, the morphogenic fields of evolution diversified the scope of life within the expression that we call "dinosaurs." Immediately after, the very structure of the LifeSpirit, the field itself, had changed and new expressions of life could be explored, primarily avian and mammalian. Thus, the wave structure of change: gradual change punctuated with episodes of catastrophic change. Many signs and wonders tell that we are in such times of astounding change. However, applying the word "catastrophe" depends on one's point of view: a disaster ("bad star") for T. Rex; a new world for us mammals.

See also:
 Rewiring Reality
 The Millennial Gateways


 H5N1 Avian Influenza - Possible Pandemic


September 21, 2004 - Close Encounter Coming?
Asteroid Toutatis Nears Earth September 29th.

Requiem Toutatis
By Michael Goodspeed

On September 29th, 2004, our world will experience a close-encounter of the brown-stain-inducing kind. According to official NASA projections, Asteroid 4179 - more commonly known as Toutatis - will pass within a mere 963,000 miles of Earth eight days from this writing. . .

In my internet essay "Why I Fear Toutatis," I referenced a conversation I had a year ago with a person who claimed to have worked on a secret missile defense project in Alaska. (It's worth noting that a couple of months ago, the first "missile interceptor" went active at Fort Greely in Alaska.) He asserted that the real purpose of this project was to thwart an incoming asteroid that would supposedly threaten the earth on September 29th of this year. My article (link: . . I have NEVER predicted that Toutatis will directly impact the Earth, and I have NEVER claimed to have personal "insider knowledge" about the "true" course of Toutatis. I offered anecdotal testimony, combined with free-flowing speculation and THEORY. I did this as an exercise to postulate an opinion that I have had for years: if the "powers that be" knew of an impending asteroid impact, they would not tell us about it. Instead, they would feed us phony data and distorted projections. Why do I say this? Because we have ALREADY HAD close fly-bys with potentially threatening bodies from space, and we have never been told of them until AFTER they have safely passed. Do you think I am wrong? If so, I reference you to the following excerpt from author Robert Roy Britt’s piece, “NASA Works on Asteroid Alert Procedure”: "An unprecedented asteroid scare in January had astronomers worried for a few hours over a rock that had a 1-in-4 chance of hitting Earth during the next few days. At the time, some of the scientists were unsure who should be notified. The event has prompted NASA to set up a formal process for notifying top officials in the future of any impending impacts, has learned.” (Link:

These comments reveal two things: 1) NASA previously did not have any formal “process” to inform the general public of a threat from space. 2) NASA STILL apparently has no intention of informing the public of a threat from space…but rather to notify “top officials...of any impending impacts.” And what would our “top officials” do with this information? The only responsible thing they COULD do would be to suppress it. Again, as I stated in "Why I Fear...”it is currently IMPOSSIBLE to project the precise impact location of an incoming asteroid. So how would the public BENEFIT from being informed? Additional lives would be lost due to hysteria and chaos. This DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN that the "truth" about Toutatis is being covered up. I have simply raised the THEORETICAL possibility that we haven't been given the whole picture. . .With eight days to go until Toutatis' close I afraid? Frankly, no. At the risk of sounding almost barbarically cynical, if Toutatis were to hit (and aside from the reasons I've already listed, I have no reason to think it will) I would not necessarily view this as a bad thing. Historically, the Apocalypse is a continuously repeated and generally healthy event - the death of old and destructive ways, followed by regeneration and rebirth - the dawn of a New Age...

July 15 - 25, 2004:  The "Day Out of Time" solar flares: a spate of M & X class flares ( from giant Sun Storm 652 produces auroras into mid latitudes across the northern hemisphere.

2004 Updates: Earth Changes Warnings! - 06/03/04 - Index


Please See Kathy Greene's report on an early morning (06/04)
conversation with our contact on the "inside" below.


(07/25) - We've been paying close attention to the New Age - Alt. Science - Prophecy web sites and chat rooms, seeing a dramatic increase in "chatter" about immanent comet strikes or near misses.  S.D. Morton and other seers predict immanent earth change events over the coming months.  We continue to monitor the situation with concern, but also with the prayer that higher consciousness will see us through.

See: Rewiring Reality,

Also: -

  The claims we've heard include that an Australian astronomer has broken government secrecy to warn humanity of coming doom. Checking the name "Dr. Gartrell" on GOOGLE does confirm that the named Aussie expert does exist (but, as of 06/05 he denies any involvement in the warning).  However the warning of immanent threat comes from a number of other sources as well, many of them posted on the web sites above.  Rumors abound of elite movements to underground shelters, mass naval deployments away from coastlines, and other "end time" signals.  Even Grover Mills, NJ (site of the famous "Mars Invasion" of radio history) was just buzzed by a fire ball.  More extreme weather, giant hail stones, land "hurricanes" and odd patterns continue.  Just two days ago (06/01), I saw a swath of Tornado Warnings on the weather channel that reached from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico.

  The Venus Transit of June 8th is a great time to pray for protection for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.  Shaman Whitewolf's warning.

 See Earth Changes Update, here.

 See: Millennium Auroras

 2005 H5N1 Avian Influenza - Possible Pandemic



The Forces of Nature
Beyond Our Control
New Age Rune Poem

Earth Changes Message from LCC Chairperson Greene

  "Fear Not! Learn to Discern Rumor and Deception
from Truth and Possibility."
- X

   We have been receiving and forwarding information over the summer regarding the possibility of "hits from space" during this year.  There has also been talk about the decision by the U.S. and other governments to send their ships out to deep water at this time -- and that seemed to endorse the possibility of a comet pass-by or meteor strike (since ships are safer in deep water than near shorelines during tidal waves, etc) Ralph and I contacted a friend who apparently has very high "on the inside" clearance regarding these possibilities, and we spoke with X this morning.

  X says not to worry. Yes, we are going through a debris trail around June 8th. X believes that this is debris from comet Schumacher-Levy and while the largest pieces might have once posed a threat, they have been reduced in size and probably will not hit us. Yes there are rocks in the debris field but all is being watched. X does not see a threat of any other hits mentioned in the widely forwarded email alleged to be from the "Aussie" astronomer.

  X says that every year about this time, much of the navy goes to sea on maneuvers, but it is usually not reported. Korea sometimes presents difficulties, but the ships were not sent out for that reason. This a a stormy time - and shallow water may damage ships. X says that the comets out there are about 90% plotted and it only seems that there are more than usual because of increased reporting of same.

  X says that, yes, our weather anomalies are the result of the electro-static effect of these comets, and that new energies are coming in on the gamma level from the super galaxy. The ice storms are the result of density changes in the upper stratosphere. The Smoky Mountains (among the oldest on earth) are reacting to the electro-static forces and are  responsible for increased tornado activity in that area.  Such activity has increased since nature is trying to rebalance herself. The oceanic conveyer belt is bringing up more debris than usual, since the oceans have heated up and hot and cold areas must be equalized.

  The Day After Tomorrow has been put out as a warning for "extreme possibilities" so people begin to think about same. X is not aware of the fireball seen at Grover Mills, NJ last week, but The War of the Worlds radio show was placed there due to something (much smaller) that actually happened there many years before, involving an alien ship landing.  Planet X is out there - by Jupiter's orbit and is NOT a brown dwarf. (The subject got changed - I will ask more about this.)

  Much of the information being "put out" is disinformation from the dark side, intended to build fear (which they believe they can use to increase their power).

  So fear not!  But always keep extra water and a week's food handy in case of emergency!

  Love and blessings - K (06/05/04)

  See also, October 2004 Alignments and Millennial Auroras [Update Link]

Venus Solar Transit of June 8, 2004.


Weather War

 Katrina, Rita, Wilma and beyond . . .
 The Superstorms of 2005
Scott Stevens

> > ------ Original Message ------ 
> > Received: 
> > From: 
> > To: 
> > Subject: prayer day 
> > 
> >> President Bush has declared today a national Prayer Day. Please do 
> >> your part. Ask God to stop all these recent Acts of God.

> > From: Ralph Fucetola JD <
> > Date: September 16, 2005 10:31:08 AM PDT 
> > To: <
> > Subject: Re: prayer day 
> > 
> >  Says RAW: "Ask God to stop all these recent Acts of God" 

> >  Of course that's assuming Katrina was only an Act of God (or more likely, Goddess...) 

> >  The way the storm grew from a Cat 1 after it crossed FL to a Cat 5 just before landfall on the Gulf Coast raises a suggestion of weather modification. The way it dropped from a Cat 5 to a Cat 3 as it wrecked the coast looks a lot like a weather control counter measure. All that energy dumped right on the coast. The satellite images of the storm swirling ashore show an astounding "evaporation" of an intense Storm of the Century down to an "ordinary" hurricane a short distance inland. 

> > Was Katrina the first shot in a Weather War? -- And what national or other forces were doing the attacking . . . and defending? 

> > "Introduced in the US Senate on March 1, 2005, Bill S517 calls for a US "Weather Modification Advisory and Research Board" to officially commence operations in October 2005. When passed as expected, this law will make large-scale chemical alteration of the atmosphere legal across a formerly free and beautiful land called America." 
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > From: Robert Anton Wilson
> To: allf
> Sent: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 11:03:44 -0700
> Subject: Fwd: prayer day

>   RAW - Evidence good enough to ask God to stop these Acts of Man? 
> a midi pommes bleues 


------ Original Message ------
Received: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 07:35:49 AM EST
From: nicholas <>

The Pentagon's secret climate report warns that in next 20 years, there could be a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters. Major European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas and Britain will have a "Siberian" climate by 2020. Nuclear conflict, major droughts, famine and widespread rioting will spread across the world. This report has been kept under wraps by the U.S. military, but the contents have now been exposed by a major newspaper in the U.K.

In the Observer, Mark Townsend and Paul Harris reveal the contents of the secret report, commissioned by Pentagon defense adviser Andrew Marshall and compiled by CIA consultant Peter Schwartz and Doug Randall of the Global Business Network. It warns of possible nuclear war over dwindling food, water and energy supplies and says, "Disruption and conflict will be endemic features of life. Once again, warfare would define human life."

The report says that climate change "should be elevated beyond a scientific debate to a U.S. national security concern." Sudden climate change is "plausible and would challenge United States national security in ways that should be considered immediately." They predict widespread flooding due to a rise in sea levels by next year.

Bob Watson, formerly chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, says, "Can Bush ignore the Pentagon? It's going be hard to blow off this sort of document. It's hugely embarrassing. After all, Bush's single highest priority is national defense. The Pentagon is no wacko, liberal group, generally speaking it is conservative. If climate change is a threat to national security and the economy, then he has to act. There are two groups the Administration tend to listen to, the oil lobby and the Pentagon."

Doug Randall, one of the authors of the report, says, "This is depressing stuff...It is a national security threat that is unique because there is no enemy to point your guns at and we have no control over the threat. We don't know exactly where we are in the process. It could start tomorrow and we would not know for another five years. The consequences for some nations of the climate change are unbelievable. It seems obvious that cutting the use of fossil fuels would be worthwhile."

Rob Gueterbock of Greenpeace says, "You've got a President who says global warming is a hoax, and across the Potomac river you've got a Pentagon preparing for climate wars. It's pretty scary when the President starts to ignore his own government on this issue."

Jeremy Symons, formerly at the Environmental Protection Agency, says, "This administration is ignoring the evidence in order to placate a handful of large energy and oil companies."

We have one question: Why hasn't this made headlines in the U.S.?

If we don't clean up our weather act soon, we're going to lose a major part of the world.

For more information, click,6903,1153513,00.html


Urgent Warning from Native Spokesperson

Posted By: DarrelWhitewolf
Date: Monday, 24 May 2004, 8:16 a.m.

I Darrel Whitewolf, elder of Cherokee decent, with this powerful message, hereby challenge the elders of all native nations. I hereby petition for the immediate release of sacred information to all humanity concerned for the immediate future of their families and loved ones. At the risk of having many arrows shot in my direction, I send this message. I am an old warrior who is no stranger to battles. It has been brought to my attention that the elders at this time are preparing the last ceremonies. The Hopi who have no word in their vocabulary for the future and are preparing to go underground. The Ojibwa and the Lakota are saying that we are at the end. They say and I quote "Go back and tell the people it is no longer the eleventh hour".

It is said that the blue star (katchina) has arrived and the "Purifier" (a large celestial body) follows. It's time for the "CLEANSING" THE "THIRD SHAKING". It is time to tell the people about the arrival of the watchers from the skies who don't look like us and the ones underground as well. I have heard that White Buffalo Calf Woman has returned. I have been told to teach the stories of creation and how we must become together as one. This is not enough.

Chief Lookinghorse has delivered his messages at sacred sites all over the world but it is still unclear to non Indian people just what is happening now, this very year, maybe even this very next month. It is perfectly clear to me but who will believe one person?

It is not enough to quote verses from the bible. It is not enough to tell the old stories. It is not enough to talk about the animals and what it means when a certain one shows up in your life.

I think I can safely say that I speak for all readers here when I challenge you for the plain and simple truth about what is about to happen.

No more Bible verses from the unbalanced cross brought by the ones who stole our land, raped our women and killed our children. The ones manipulated by the watchers. No more old stories. No more codes. People do not want to hear this nonsense any longer because time is too short.

I know that you know. I also know that there is still prejudice in the hearts of some of you and you do not want non-Indian people to know these things. It is time and the time is now for you to speak clearly and decisively in releasing the information needed for people of all nations to prepare themselves practically, safely, physically and spiritually.

There is talk that the Pope is giving his final blessings. He speaks of the fact that "Wormwood" (Planet X) has arrived. There is talk that supposed astronomers are watching something large speeding toward Earth.

There is clear and unmistakable evidence that the skies day and night have suddenly changed dramatically. The moon has changed its orbit and appears in the west sky now when it rises. The stars are turning around in the sky at night and moving slower. The Earth Mother staggers like a drunk.

With great respect to the Creator, I bow to him in a humble way and ask for guidance in these matters not for me but for my brothers and sisters, my friends and families.

With great respect for the elders I ask you to put this knowledge forth and back up your words which say Mitakoye Oyasin. We are all your brothers and sisters. Will you leave us behind, only knowing half truths? Grandfather forgive me if I have offended as this message comes from my heart and the Spirit of Crazy Horse inside me speaking. Grandfather forgive those who still hold contempt for the white man, the black man, the red and the yellow.

We send our prayers to you with the smoke from the sacred pipe on the wings of our brother Awahili, the Eagle.

I ask that you keep all of us here in your presence now and for ever.

Let the truths become clear to all.
Wado, Wakan Tanka, Aho

I do not hide. My e mail is clearly posted above for those who wish to respond. That is all I have to say.

Darrel Whitewolf




01/08/04: Emergency Yellowstone Volcano Warning



Yellowstone Caldera -

05/08/04: Native Shaman Seek to Calm Yellowstone


2003 Update:  11/04/03- The "X-whatever flare"
heading at us right now!

Although the Solar Cycle has officially "peaked,"
A series of strong X-10 through X-17 Class events happened starting 10/28/03
after a week during which there were three lesser X-Class events.

* The Megaflare of 11/04 has been classified as X-28, the largest ever recorded.
Since it was not quite aimed at Earth, it is expected to cause limited auroras on 11/06

10/30/03 - Solar Flares trigger Magnificent Rose Aurora visible in NYC metro area!

From Space Weather, "One of the most powerful solar flares in years erupted from giant sunspot 486 on Oct. 28th. The blast measured X17 on the Richter scale of solar flares. As a result of the explosion, a strong S3-class solar radiation storm is underway. Click here to learn how such storms can affect our planet. The explosion also hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) toward Earth. When it left the sun, the cloud was traveling 2125 km/s (almost 5 million mph). The CME struck Earth this morning (Oct. 29th) and sparked an intense geomagnetic storm."
>Severe Solar Flare Alert Now in Progress...10/28/03
>by Mitch Battros (ECTV) -
>I have just been notified minutes ago, an unprecedented X-14 flare has just >exploded from sunspot region 486. This is the 2nd largest solar flare to >erupt in the last three years. There was only one higher back in 2000 which >registered as X-15. At this point in the so-called 'solar cycle 23', we >should be witness to a significant "decrease" in solar activity. We are not! >
>An intensifying S2-class solar radiation storm is in progress. The explosion >almost certainly hurled a coronal mass ejection toward Earth, which could >trigger bright auroras when it arrives on Oct 29th or 30th. Stay tuned for >details.
>Just in the last five days, the Sun has thrown (12) twelve M-Class flares, >(5) five X-Class flares, (7) seven CME's. Many more are expected over the >next five to ten days. We have been incredible lucky as to not having a >'direct hit' to Earth. We have come close with 'glancing blows' having only >slight power grid and satellite disruption. But by no means are we out of >the woods just yet.
>Today's sunspot count has shot up to 238. There are now few, if any, space >weather scientist who are holding on to any such idea that we are in a >"normal" solar cycle. We are not! We are in a "Mega Cycle", perhaps one that >is close to 144 years in cycle. But there is just as much evidence which >would suggest we are perhaps in a 1200 year cycle. It is very hard to >analysis. But in my mind, and most upper level scholars, know we "are not" >in something called 'Cycle 23'.
>Today's sunspot count is further evidence of a "Mega Cycle". To give a >comparison, if we were in the NASA predicted 'Cycle 23', we would be in >double digit sunspot counts, perhaps between 40 and 65. There would also be >the absence of solar flares or CME's. Sure, there may be an occasional >event, but nothing any where close to what we see today.
>Watch for sudden freak storms to occur. Most notably might be 'micro-burst', >straight-line winds, wind shears, and tornadoes. Also watch for 'record >breaking' rain, or record high temperatures. (see equation)
>Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream
>Currents => Extreme Weather
>and Human Disruption (mitch battros)
>Yesterday, Sky & Telescope put out a notice advising people of space weather >predictions. It indicates a sure direction towards the upcoming "Super-Duper >Doppler Weatherman".
>Here is their quote: "What tools we have would be somewhat analogous to a >meteorologist predicting the arrival and intensity of a storm front based on >the data from a single station located over a thousand miles away. It's >possible to do, but accuracy and >timing suffer. So don't be surprised if space weather predictions aren't >always as accurate as might be desired. Mankind has a long way to go before >space weather forecasting is as routine as meteorological forecasting."

2002 Update:

November 14, 2002 - NASA reports this year's Leonid meteor storm will be spectacular. Even though there will be a full moon, the Earth will be orbiting through two dense debris trails from the comet Tempel-Tuttle that were left by the comet passes of 1767 and 1866. There are predictions that the meteor rate will exceed 2,000 visible meteors per hour at the peak. The peak viewing time on the East Coast will be about 5:30 AM EST on the morning of Tuesday, November 19th. This may be the greatest meteor storm of the century! More information at

Update: It was spectacular!!  At one point, 7 shooting stars in the sky at one time; at peak, for several minutes, at least one meteor a second; with awesome trails, and many "oohs" and "ahs" from the hot tub crowd!

Please help the Civil Society Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) that responded so quickly to the Tsunami and Hurricane Tragedies.

Here are links to some of them:

Or, GOOGLE "hurricane relief"


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Year 2001 Solar Cycle Peak -- MULTIPLE LARGE SOLAR FLARES -- or was it the peak?

March 31, 2001 -- "The largest solar flare of the current cycle may signal the peak of the cycle."
April 2, 2001 -- "The most powerful solar flare of the current solar cycle
-- an X17 class event -- erupted near sunspot group 9393 at 2150 UT on April 2nd. The explosion triggered a severe R4 class radio blackout across the Sun-facing side of Earth. It also hurled a coronal mass ejection into space."
April 15, 2001 -- A nearly as big X14 event just misses Earth.
April 19, 2001 -- Sunspot group 9393 is rotating back toward Earth -- and it continues.... through 2002.

Update - See: Millennial Auroras

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