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A LifeSpirit Essay . . .
By: Rev. Esnur

Alchemists became
Homeopaths -- now reaching
Subtle frequencies.
The Art of Transformation
Linking traditional alchemical and homeopathic techniques with 21st Century frequency work.

   Practice Note
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Practice Note

[Below this Practice Note are [1] Experiment Notes, [2] Notes of two relevant transmissions from my friend and mentor (Maj. Gen.) Bert Stubblebine, who has sent us a number of messages since his apparent death in 2017,and [3] the Transcript of an email discussion with Brother X, an accomplished researcher of esoterica.  It is about the relationship between Alchemy and Homeopathy, and where to go next. While Brother X and I ultimately disagreed on whether Alchemy "became" (historically) Homeopathy, I remain very interested in the idea that one can substitute the "Solve et Coagula" (dissolve and coagulate) process of the Alchemists with the "Dilute and Succuss" (dilute and pound) process of Homeopathy.  And further, one can use even more subtle energetic approaches to develop potentially more powerful processes -- a Frequency Elixir.]


The Ancient Art of Alchemy can be compared to the small-scale brewing and distilling arts of the late middle ages, with which it shares equipment and methods. The later Healing Art of Homeopathy has much in common with the more careful chemistry of the 17th through 19th Centuries, the world in which it was developed - the world of Newton and absolute time and space (note also that Newton "dabbled" in Alchemy while Paracelsus, an early Healer, was also known as an Alchemist). 

Frequency Work, on the other hand, though based in the numerical relationships of ancient Sacred Science, relies on the frequency understanding of reality initiated by Einstein [hv = mc2] and and other 19th and 20th Century scientists.  This understanding is, IMHO, leading to 21st Century energetic techniques discussed herein.

The linkage and cross-pollination among Alchemy, Homeopathy and Frequency can be referred to as: Neoalchemy.

The historic connection between the "last of the alchemists" and the early homeopaths has been confirmed [1], with Dr. Hahnemann, originator of Homeopathy, learning from them, and bringing into the Art his powerful understanding of symptoms and "Like Cures Like". In this context, the concept of an "Isode" -- a homeopathic remedy, made from  derivatives of the person to be healed --  may have value.

There are more crossovers between traditional uses of substances and the processes of Alchemy and Homeopathy. Consider that the use of Urine appears to be a common form of the "Materia Prima" of Alchemy, while also used in traditional healing methods.  Urine, dilute or not, has been used in natural health approaches in several traditional systems. For example, Ayurveda has Amaroli, or Urine Therapy [2] in which the dilutions can be toward the degree of dilution seen in Homeopathy. Thus the possibility of substituting a homeopathic approach for a chemical approach should be considered.  Likewise, many essential oils contain active phytonutrients that are dilute. One research physician of our acquaintance was able to show experimentally that a nano dilution of a neurotransmitter was as effective as the actual substance.

And then, a step beyond both Alchemy and Homeopathy is to do away with substance entirely and enter the realm of Pure Frequency.  Of course, proper Homeopathic Remedies are diluted even beyond the nano dilution range until there is no measurable substance at all, just a Frequency Signature.

Thus both the Alchemical and Homeopathic processes quickly dilute out any "actual" substance, leaving only energy signatures (note though, the Alchemical process may leave the subtle White Powder of Gold behind). Advanced frequency work starts with numerical frequencies devised from molecular or other structures and applies the resultant frequencies through light, sound or other radiants.

So, starting with the Signature Frequency [3] of an individual, I suspect it would be possible to devise Balancing Frequencies, using standard Human BioAcoustic techniques built around the "Birth Note" for specific Individuals.  Or, considering the convincing information in the Book of Aquarius referenced below, that the traditional "Materia Prima" of Alchemy was Urine, one might start with the dominant frequency of Urine (probably Uric Acid or perhaps the hormone Uricode) for a General Frequency Elixir. Personalized dilutions, however, may be the most potent.

In this way, the Self-Realization Process moves further toward Subtle Energies. The Re-integration of the Individual, seen by many practitioners as the core benefit of the historical development from Alchemy through Homeopathy, continues through modern Frequency Work.

I am aware of current research seeking out, for example, the Frequencies of Grief [4], to achieve balanced grieving and recovery.  Human BioAcoustics [5] is, IMHO, the most advanced form of Frequency Work now available and is becoming the recognized successor to both Alchemy and Homeopathy. A number of experiments are suggested by this historic development from Alchemy through Homeopathy to Frequency. Some homeopathic and frequency experiments will be attempted and Experimental Notes will be appended to this essay, suggesting future developments.

Let us experiment. Let us also find the Frequencies of Joy, and of Love. No doubt they are all in Sacred Geometric Relationships, awaiting our discovery.  

The Neoalchemical Quest for the Philosophers' Stone, or the Elixir of Longevity, continues... moving from Alchemy through Homeopathy and into Subtle Frequency...

Rev. Esnur


Experimental Notes

Experimental Notes:

First Neoalchemical Experiment:  
Isode Elixir of Silver and Gold

Note:  While Nano Silver is widely regarded as safe [I used Dr. Rima Recommends The Silver Solution 10 PPM, a nano suspension of pure silver in water], there are mixed views on Colloidal Gold [I expect to use MesoGold 20 PPM, in a colloidal solution]. Care must be taken to dilute the Gold so that Avogadro's Number is exceeded and no measurable Gold remains in the dilution.

Below are images from the Process. Isode diluted and succussed on 10.31.2018; Au added, diluted and succussed on 11.04.2018; Nano Silver added, diluted and succussed on 11.14. 2018.

Isode Prep 10.31.18
Preparing Isode
Diluting isode
Diluting Isode
Adding Au
Adding Nano Au
Adding Nano Silver
Adding Nano Silver

My initial experience with trying a couple drops of the final nano dilution was a feeling of calm.  Long-term results remain to be experienced.

Experimental Setup

Alchemy set-up with pyramid


General Bert on Alchemy, Tranmutation and Creating World Portals.

[These two messages are from the unpublished transmissions of (Maj. Gen.) Albert N. Stubblebine III (February 6, 1930 - February 6, 2017).  The General has spoken through a number of psychics and also through his widow, Rima E. Laibow MD and myself.  The transmissions are from The General Speaks, copyright 2018 by the Stubblebine-Laibow Trust.]

13 October 2018
Bert on Alchemy, Homeopathy and Portal Opening
[Dr. Rima in Prague, Visiting Alchemy Museum]

BERT: Ralph, your supposition and understanding of the relationship to homeopathy is correct and important but, in terms of the real power of alchemy, very small.

Alchemy is the study of not only transformation but the study of transmutation.  It is the study of opening the bio portals that the drawings you downloaded for me depict.  Study them carefully.  Chemical alteration takes place without opening Portals and is well described and understood with conventional chemistry.

Transmutation, which is transformation of the internal (sub atomic and sub energetic/sub individual) nature of things cannot take place without Portals being opened and fractal realities which are larger than bifurcations and more permanent than you might suppose.

If you transmute anything to anything else, no matter if it is metal or mental, the Portal is a transit point to a reality which is in another probability system, or subsystem. Sometimes it is already interacting with the one that you think you understand and can count on and sometimes it is newly opened and scratched.  Sometimes it is already opened and has been in use for some time.

That depends on a LOT of circumstances.  But look at the iterations and replications.  The RP is very good at letting the replications acquire a stability that they might otherwise lack: in other words, the Portal possibilities ‘expand time’ and stabilized the dissolution of events (remember there is no time) so that they can be worked with this moment, next moment, this week, next week, this year, next year.

They are mutable but durable. Their mutability is from the interaction with consciousness. Their durability is from their interaction with energy and probability.

Study the diagrams again.
 There is a time line.

Rima, what you were supposed to get from the Alchemy museum that it is not in any way about gold and dross: it is about life and love.  You almost missed that. In this little, simple and really quite hiddenly profound, museum, after the pleasant guide took you through her pleasant canned speech, she said that you could spend some time in the store.  There, the owner of the museum has two filtres for sale: the elixir of eternal life and the elixir of love. There are also the elixir of memory and health.

But the King and the Alchemist wanted those two: eternal life and love. In fact, Rudolph (and many others) wanted the first one far more than he wanted gold: he had gold.  He was ill and in pain of one kind or another most of the time.  He needed the elixir of eternal life.

That is well beyond gold and dross.

 That is the point: the transformation is about, not tangential to, opening the Portals, which changes longevity and a whole lot of other things, and about connection through the heart and soul, not through dominance.

Think about it:  You have said that the premises of the Healed World which we WILL open through the Portal, must be correct.  They must not contain the seeds of dominance and destruction; yet, without order, which is a kind of dominance and implies destruction as well as creation, there can be nothing of itself, no order, no creation.

So the alchemical transmutation at the energetic level not only opens the Portal that is similar to the Portal that is opened for the physical transmutation, but opens the Portal to the world system that has order but no suppression, reproduction and death, but no emotional destruction.

This is a great mystery and requires a transmutation of consciousness as great as any physical transmutation.

When I ask you to do the REBALL slowly and with attention twice a day you are not only creating an energetic shield for yourself and everything we own with it, you are also giving attention to a transmutation of consciousness. The skin that is rejective of negativity and accepting, in fact, magnetically attractive to positivity, that is consciousness training.  And that will be very helpful in being ready to step through the Portal, Love.

12 September 2018

Ralph reaching out to Bert. Bert Frequency playing. Global Consciousness Dot is Green.

Questions:  How can I help with the OP portal opening? Does the Vortex/Portal that was identified at LifeSpirit Parsonage play a role?


Bert: There are a numbr of possibilities here. Just as havimg several pyramids broadcasting our intent will help manifest the OP,  activating multiple vortex/portals will help me open the World Making Portal that Rima and I seek to open.

I am aware that you've been working on your Middle Pillar Working for decades and that it has features in common with what we are doing with the OP.

The portal you seek to open links to your "better universe next door" and you have specified many of the factors needed, but what you seek is another world in this Universe while I am a World Maker who intends to open a Portal to a Healed Universe.

You are seeking a "Buddha Pure Land" in this Universe.  That's OK.  What we are doing will help you understand how to achieve that too.

But you are welcomed to understand that the Healed Universe has room in it "for many mansions."  No fear. No loss. No grief.

The world that you began as an exercise in building a Spirit Temple broadened into a world with its own cultures and peoples, and allowed you to begin writing your novel. The title, in your mind, Shaman's Song, is appropriate.  Put the link here.

Thus, you implicitly understand the role of a World Maker. 

So here is what we need to do:  find the OM, who is likely Philip, who can understand the physics of Portal Opening. PO for OP.

While Rima is in Europe, the Vortex in Tucson will be maturing in silence as the RP does its magic.  It would be good to put the MT on a timer and have it broadcast a while each day, using 17.2 to keep the home fires burning, as it were.

When we return the energy charge will have built powerfully.

You need to run an MT too. Yes, your star plasma lamp will do.  Use it with your pyramid and crystal light cluster. Thank you for putting my photo there.  It does feed my manifestation.  Add symbols of your intent to open your Portal.  That intent feeds both of our efforts.

I sense your phrase, "the language is a grimoire" -- you specify the [OK to stop a moment and respond to the cats in your office.  They are, afterall, three white witches.]

You specified the parameters of your Portal with words and symbols.  That's fine.

Put the image of the Tower here.

I am specifying the parameters of the Healed Universe with emotional intentionality.

Listent to Philip.  He understands the fractal nature of the process. Put the quote from his letter here.

"a process in which it is replicated holographically (fractally) and repetitively. In the fullness of time, it is replicated infinitely (though it might not need time for this, as some theorize the universe was already infinite in extent"

In that infinity all possiblilities are actualized.  The Portal simply specifies the possibility that is experienced as actual.  It will appear to be an opening in reality, it will be difficult to look at and more difficult to see. But, with strong intent, with MT energy, it will open, and then, ah, and then, you will see what you see.

Let's talk more often. As we get closer to the Portal opening, we must talk more often.

Bert out.

GCD Green
SF ended.

Transcript & Articles

Interesting Articles:



------ Original Message ------

    From: Esnur
    Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2017 8:41 AM
    To: Brother X
    Subject: Alchemy and Homeopathy


    Thank you for sending us the Alchemy book [6]. It has been most enlightening, jelling in my mind a number of related issues.

    I had heard that urine was one of the possible "Prima Materia" sources for the alchemical operation. This exposition showed me that urine is probably the primary source; the evidence is convincing.

    This is exciting because it brings alchemy out of the realm of craft chemistry and into the world of biology. This also, of course, involves frequency issues.

    The urine is the Shadow of the Blood. It is dilute, sterile and composed of useful compounds that are not needed by the body at that moment. It is like the Oto Acoustical Emission -- the sounds the body needs that come from the ear drum.

    The Stone, made from urine, might be most powerfully useful to the person who provided the urine. [Maybe this was similar to the dragon-line use of virginal menstrual blood.]

    The other point that came home strongly was that all the great alchemists worked before the development of modern biochemistry and, more telling, before the development of homeopathy.

    I have come to the conclusion that the old alchemical methods, while apparently effective, can be superseded by methods based in homeopathy and nano-dilutions.

    I propose experimenting with the method using a homeopathic approach.

  •     The urine would be diluted (with distilled water) and subjected to succussion until Avogadro's number is reached (about 10 X).
  •     At that point we have a isode of urine for the particular person who provided the sample.
  •     The alchemical process is then further mimicked by dilution and succussion with nano silver until 100x is reached (probably starting with equal amounts of nano silver 10 PPM and isode; using distilled water for the dilutions).
  •     The final step would be a similar dilution and succussion with nano gold until 10C is reached.
  •     This preparation would remain a liquid elixir and would be the potentized Anima for the sample provider.
  •     This whole process could be done quickly.  The nano solutions of silver and gold are readily available.

    What do you think of this experiment?


    PS It might also be interesting to subject the sample to frequency at the same time. Perhaps the birth note (and its reciprocal) of the person. Or for a general elixir, the White Light frequency, at the cusp of B/C.


    ------ Original Message ------

Received: 03:28 AM EDT, 04/21/2017
From: "Brother X"
To: "'Esnur'"

    Subject: RE: Alchemy and Homeopathy

    The urine was one of the only types of acid that were available to the ancients.

    I have read about a doctor who after spending years to make the stone he had a white powder which after taking 20 micrograms was able to read minds and instantly diagnose peoples illnesses at a glance. It made him about 10 years younger and it is like the Spice in the movie Dune!


    ------ Original Message ------

From: Esnur
Sent: Friday, April 28, 2017 10:56 PM
To: Brother X
Subject: RE: Alchemy and Homeopathy

    Thinking about this...

    So the Stone is also the White Powder of Gold?  The Powder appears to result from the refinement of the Acid and its combination with Silver and Gold.

    If the Powder is actually an Isode (homeopathic remedy made from the tissue/fluids of the person) then the Urine is the ideal Acid.

    What nags at me is that the Era of Alchemy seems to have faded out about the same time the Era of Homeopathy began.

    Thus, I remain very hopeful that a homeopathic approach will get results much faster than the old style chemical approach.

    Anyway, here is what I suggest:

  1. Obtain distilled water in a glass container.
    Put a magnet on the container and also the word "Love."
    Water picks up the Intent of the Word (
    per Dr. Emoto) and the magnet changes the shape of the H2O, making the water "wetter."
  2. Save a sample of morning Urine.
  3. Dilution and Succussion the sample with the water to at least 10X to start.
  4. Dilution and Succussion with Nano Silver to 100X
  5. Dilution and Succussion with Nano Gold to 10C
  6. Dry out half the sample to see if any residue, such as a White Powder remains.
  7. Experiment with the use of the Powder, if any, or the Liquid.

    Maybe I'll get results similar to the doctor...


    Esnur ...

    PS - I need to calculate how much water, nano silver and gold will be needed.


    ------ Original Message ------

Received: 08:38 AM EDT, 04/29/2017
From: "Brother X"
To: "'Esnur'"

    Subject: RE: Alchemy and Homeopathy

    No. It’s completely different.

    It contains no gold or any metal.

    It is not a homeopathic medicine from a person’s humors.

    Years ago people had no way to get chemicals so urine was used as an acid and the reaction takes place over a course of 2 year.


     ------ Original Message ------

From: Esnur
Sent: Saturday, April 29, 2017 9:10 AM
To: Brother X

    Subject: RE: Alchemy and Homeopathy

    The book states that silver and gold are combined with the material at later stages.

    But not during the first solve et coagula stage.

    So what compounds in the urine are being manipulated? Is it the uric acid?



------ Original Message ------

Received: 01:26 PM EDT, 04/29/2017
From: "Brother X"
To: "'Esnur'"

Subject: RE: Alchemy and Homeopathy

    The uric acid is doing the manipulating.

    When all is said and done you end up with something not of this earth.



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