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On the afternoon of October 29, 2004, Rev. Kathy Greene Fucetola began to spontaneously, consciously channel a Message about/from the Shekinah, entitled, The Developed.  I took notes of what she stated. Encounters with the Other come in a number of varieties, some involving physical entities from other places, times and dimensions, others involving internal or non-physical entities and Archetypes, such as the Shekinah, the feminine aspect of God/dess.

Ralph - 08/29/05


The Developed
Notes from the Chair


First Thought: Shekinah = Goddess portal.


The Shekinah is not just in Iraq – I Am divided among the Chosen

(by Bloodline or Mind Development)


Second Thought: The power of The Developed is like a beam of focused psychic energy.


There are two ways to develop: through birth into the "Sacred" Bloodline, or through Higher Mind Development.*


“We” who have developed both will be able to fully focus the Shekinah energy


“They” are aware who is Developed and are terrified that, if enough people use the energy, it will be like an atomic bomb – nearly 10% of non-reptilian humanity are of the Bloodline or otherwise Developed; if that Developed Tenth used the energy together, “We” would change the world.


Third Thought: Those who are Bloodline can degenerate, and will do so, if "We" fail to develop the Higher Frequencies that “They” cannot develop.


If "They" were to destroy "Us" and if  “We” are able to avoid the reptilian god Jehovah's 'Soul Catcher' False White Light, “We” could be very powerful from the Other Side, so "They" don’t want us dead.


Fourth Thought:  There are two Blood Lines within the Bloodline descending from the union between humans and Ishtar/Inanna.  The “Other” blood line is reptilian plus something else and is the Bloodline of the Dark Nobility.  The Bloodline of the Light descends from Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  The Light and the Dark complement each other.  The reptoid creators understand their need for both, but cannot manifest the Light of the Developed that "They" do not understand.


Fifth Thought:  "We" - The Developed - who understand, are the Light of the World.



 # # #



* How to develop:  Image of purple and cranberry colored lily-like flowers opening;  related to the notes of C and B.  The Mind becomes Developed through Practice.  Be, want, allow.


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