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Nancy Orlen Weber
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on Larry King Live
9 PM EDT April 27, 2004

Lightwing Center is a local unit of the LifeSpirit Congregational Church. Lightwing is centered in Denville, NJ.

       Lightwing's outreach program began a dozen years ago and continues today, to include:

Life Celebrations: Personalized weddings, baby blessings and memorial services throughout NY, NJ CT, PA and DE.

       Nancy is called to assist in a variety of healing work, some of them are:

       At the bedside in hospitals and homes creating meditation and healing programs, laying on of hands and counseling.

       Nancy and Dick have sat with those who were passing over, lived with them, counseled their families and performed their memorial services.

Nancy Orlen Weber's Biography

Nancy is a psychic.  And a registered nurse.  An author.  An educator.  A motivational speaker.  A holistic health lecturer.  A radio and TV host. An interfaith minister.  An assistant to detectives with a police badge.  A co-founder and president of a nonprofit organization.  In other words, Nancy Orlen Weber, RN, is a dynamo of accomplishments and a true original.  Nancy Weber is, above all, an inspiring example of how adversity can open up ones life to unimagined, hidden potentials. 

At twenty, Nancy became the youngest supervisor of nursing in New York State, appointed to the position in a private hospital by a unanimous vote of staff and administration.  She was on a fast-track nursing career pathway that lead her to positions of increasing responsibility and even a job offer as head of research and associate director for  New York State Psychiatric Hospital.

But a pair of serious injuries changed her life forever.  After 37 hospitalizations, two surgeries and a near death episode, Nancy was told to prepare to lose her ability to walk.

Perhaps it was Nancy's already blooming psychic abilities or the desperation of a young, single mother, Nancy knew that hobbling on canes, body braces and wheelchair bondage was not going to be her future.  In 1974, she set out on her personal quest for health.

Meditation, kinesiology, yoga--all unusual healing choices then--plus her own powerful psychic healing abilities were put to work.  Unbelievable was all her physicians could say when she began to reverse her symptoms just  two weeks after her commitment to these alternative healing methods.  Ever more amazing than her ever increasing ability to walk was her pursuit of  karate and dancing!

Nancy's breakthrough in personal healing was also her impetus to reassess her career choice.  She realized that her unique gifts carried a responsibility.  She needed to share insights, motivate others, teach how  to tap the myriad of potentials that lie within each of us. Within two years of her own discoveries, Nancy left the security of a regular nursing job and commenced her odyssey toward fulfilling the visions she then saw only vaguely.

Today, Nancy's roster of accomplishments reads like a Renaissance  biography.  She is a much sought-after instructor on stress reduction, creative visualization, holistic health, mind-body techniques, past life  regression therapy, psychic development and writing creativity.  From  Hollywood, CA to horse country PA, Texas to MA,  and on college campuses as guest lecturer (William Paterson College, NJ) and adjunct instructor (County College of Morris, NJ), Nancy conducts workshops and classes.

Recognizing early in her new career-path that the most frequent conflicts brought to her stress-management classes were those raised in planning an inter-faith/inter-denominational wedding, Nancy determined to find a happy  resolution.  Gleaning from the beautiful poetical materials within  every tradition, writing her own materials and creating new rituals, Nancy has developed a host of ceremonies which she tailors for individual  couples.  Solid bookings to officiate at weddings and other life-passages  show she found the happy solution.

Nancy has the distinction of being the only psychic to be awarded a police  badge. Some of her lectures are:

On being a Medical Intuitive for the Academy of Ostepathy and the EMDR Institute
On Sacred Creativity for the International Women's Writing Guild
On animal communication, meditation and spiritual development for INTERWEAVE
On holistic health for the County College of Morris
On being a psychic detective for the Tri-County Clerks conference

For Nancy's appearances and lecture dates, see: Lightwing Activities.

Nancy is also the co-author of twelve published songs, a member of BMI plus the International Women Writer's Guild.  In addition, Nancy is co-founder and president of the Holistic Alliance International, a nonprofit education, research and networking organization.

Adding to Nancy's diversified resume is that of consultant to the show and race horse industry for which she has developed mental and physical  techniques to improve the health and performance of horses.

All of this gives Nancy much to talk about.  And talk she does, as a national media guest and host of her own radio and cable TV show.

The work that is probably closest to Nancy's heart is that involving  children.  Whether its helping to locate missing children, creating original learning experiences and materials like the self-esteem workshop endorsed by the New Jersey Education Association,  which she co-authored or developing the audiotape/CD-playful manual program for prenatal bonding, Inner Journeys For the Mother-To-Be--an outgrowth of years of work with expectant mothers, physicians and other birthing practitioners--Nancy Weber links disciplined scientific training with the unfettered creative thinking of a gifted  psychic to lead our children, our future, along happier, healthier pathways.

       Nancy is currently working on her third book "INNER JOURNEYS, A Guidebook with Exercises and Stories for the Soul"

Dick Weber's Biography

A graduate in Electrical Engineering from the NJIT and a patent designer for specialized semi-conductors, Dick began his studies on meditation and spiritual development alongside his career as an Electrical Engineer.  As a child he had several out of body experiences that aroused his curiosity about the body/mind/spirit connections.

In 1989 he began to work alongside his wife, Nancy, developing the Holistic Alliance International, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  Each year they create an annual Holistic Health Festival, throughout the year Dick may be researching holistic avenues of approach for people who call HAI or finishing the layout for the quarterly journal CONSCIOUS LIVING, a publication of HAI.

In 1991 his passionate quest for a path in life that would honor his feelings that "nobody owns God" became a reality.  He became a Minister.  Today besides co-publishing CONSCIOUS LIVING Dick performs life celebrations; weddings, baby blessings and memorials.

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