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Nancy Orlen Weber
Renowned Psychic & LifeSpirit Minister
Featured on Court TV


Dear Friends,

Hope this letter finds you healthy and peaceful.

I've booked some classes & book signings for two new books I've written. "THE GIFT OF INTERSPECIES COMMUNICATION, True Stories & Exercises For The Soul" and "PSYCHIC DETECTIVE, True Stories & Exercises For The Soul". Book Reviews

Knowing we are all busy but hoping you might find the time to come out and join me for a fun time - I love telling the stories - I'm sending you the where's and when's.

Some workshops for the coming months are at Interweave,

Love, Light and Blessings,
Nancy Orlen Weber


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Please check
for Rev. Weber's schedule.

Summit, NJ

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Some notes on the classes --

Psychic and Sacred
Spirit Allies
Befriending Your Inner
and Outer Soul Community

Create new opportunities for happiness, growth, and accomplishment in your life by befriending your inner and outer allies. Like those people in the "real world" who bring special meaning and challenge to our lives, our inner allies (often called "spirit guides" in ancient traditions) also help us find meaning, purpose and possibility. In this down-to-earth approach, you'll learn ways to relate to your allies, inner and outer, in ways that will help you face the opportunities and challenges of life.

The Seven Chakras
Doorways to Greater Wellness and Wholeness

The chakras (from the Sanskrit, meaning "wheel of light") are the body's energy centers. In this ancient framework, the chakras are where consciousness meets the physical body, and energy flows, creating a state of health and well-beingor energy is blocked, creating symptoms of disease, mental, physical, or spiritual. This special series will explore each of the chakras, one per month, utilizing discussion, movement, meditative techniques, and music. You will leave each session with ideas for how to experience the impact of that month's chakra on your life.

Minute Meditations
Beginner's Steps in Meditation

Learn quick and easy techniques that can help you clear your thoughts, focus your attention, turn tension around, renew your energy and invite calm even in the midst of a stressed-out day. This primer will teach you how to "center" yourself in any situation through the meditative art of bringing the mind into clear, calm focus. These practices can positively affect how you relate to your loved ones, the people you work with, and anybody you meet. They can be used as the first steps oward a meditation practice, or just as tools "on the run."

Want the Competitive Edge? Collaborate!
Working Together for Good

Believe it or not, collaboration - not cutthroat tactics - is the best way to healthy, productive competition! Explore the characteristics of collaborative conversations and how to foster a climate where they can grow. Get hands-on practice in teamwork in this informative workshop, designed to show how effective collaboration can be in business, nonprofit, community or personal settings. Working together to create good team spirit has been proven, again and again, to increase productivity and personal satisfaction. Learn skilled ways to reflect on your own and others' participation. Discover how these are affected by qualities of collaboration, competition, and gender. Experience what collaboration feels like as you work with others on a group task.

Gifting Yourself
Fun Ways to Treat Yourself Well

Ever write yourself a love note? Pick out a beautiful Valentine card for yourself? Give yourself a treat as a reward for hard work? Nancy Weber has been gifting herself in these and other ways since she was eight years old. Learn how to introduce loving practices into your everyday routine that will help you feel healthily happy alone and enrich your relationships with others.



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