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Latest Events:
Venus Solar Transit - 06/08/04
LifeSpirit Summer Gathering - 07/03/04
World Peace Prayer - 07/25/04

Weekly Peace Vigil
Courthouse Green, Newton, NJ
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In 1974, after a series of private Symposia at the University where several of us were or had been students, a small group of incipient New Agers formed what has become the LifeSpirit Congregational Church -- the LifeSpirit Collaborating Congregations or LifeSpirit Organization. Founding trustee Ralph Fucetola (biogrf.htm), was, at that time, beginning a law career, representing small churches, holistic practitioners, alternative enterprises and political or social dissidents. Founding trustee Kathy A. Greene (biogkag.htm) was beginning her exploration of alternative modalities. These activities continued as the ministry grew. Our exempt status was recognized in 1975 and a Group Exemption was issued in 1976.  The LCC currently includes a half dozen active congregations, providing New Age teaching and ministerial services, and such religious activities as Marriages, Memorials, Namings and traditional Solstice and Equinox celebrations. At the same time, our personal spiritual quests continue and broaden as New Age phenomena evolve. The Spirit of Life quickens as we enter the New Millennium.  For information on becoming a LifeSpirit Minister Practitioner, see: LCC-minister-application.htm.

Solar Changes Lead to Earth Changes
Earth Changes! Urgent Warnings! Updated Weekly.


Current 2004 LifeSpirit Bulletin
Rewiring Reality - the Millennium Gateways...

The Matrix Revisted and Goedel's Theorem
- Updated 11/11/03
On Holding the Light in Dark Times
Mars Peace Ritual  - August 27, 2003
The Harmonic Concordance - November 8, 2003
World Medicine Wheel - May 8, 2004
The Venus Solar Transit - June 8, 2004
July 3, 2004 Gathering - Tom Eisele was guest speaker.
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Charles Raspil, Passed to Astral-Land
Comments on the 9/11 Tragedy
Message Board for 9/11 Aftermath & BioTerrorism Health Issues
The Language of Light offers this 9/11 NYC Healing Grid for your meditations

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The Church

The LifeSpirit Congregational Church is a recognized religious body, church and private association of independent Congregations,
founded by Ralph Fucetola  and Kathy A. Greene Fucetola in 1974, mutually supporting certain positive New Age Teachings.

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For extensive history and organizational materials, go to:
History of the Church and Ministry.

LifeSpirit Sacred Texts

The Book of Illuminations
The Book of Passages

Other Primary Texts
The Hidden Stream
The LifeSpirit Commentaries
Close Encounters Journal
Haiku for Godlings
New Age Rune Poem
Meditation on the One


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We are particularly excited about our
LifeSpirit Close Encounters Journal

Also of interest, our Solar Storms pages, solar.htm.
There you will find links to all the latest information about the changes happening all around us.
Some of these sites have real-time solar data.


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The Prayer Wheel radiates Om Mani Padme Hum, which may be translated as Om, the Jewel is in the Lotus Blossum.
It is a prayer for the enlightenment of all beings. Thanks to Osel Shen Phen, http://www.fpmt-osel.org/.


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