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For an example of how the Random Number Generators can "pick-up" on real world events, see:
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 Mars Ritual - 08/27/03- Photo
 Harmonic Concordance - 11/08/03

 World Sound Healing Day - 02/14/04
 8,000 DRUMS FOR PEACE - 3/21/04
 Five Planet Lunar Alignment - 03/04
 Worldwide Harmonic Medicine Wheel - 05/08/04 - Photo

 National Peace Prayer Days - 10/30 - 11/02
 LifeSpirit Gathering - 11/13-14 - Photo
 3rd Annual World Sound Healing Day 02/14/05

Phi Gate Meditation - Au’a’la’umlu - 03/05/05
Sunday Equinox Sunrise Solar Wave 03/20/05
 Venus Solar Transit - June 8, 2004 - First in 130 Years - Gateway to 2012
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World Peace Prayer Day - 07/25/04

2003/4 NY Eve Gathering

2004 Summer Gathering
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New Years Eve - 2005

Tom Eisele was the featured speaker at the LifeSpirit Summer Gathering Sat. July 3, 2004 Tom gave an interesting presentation on his book and led a wide ranging discussion of esoteric religious ideas. The LifeSpirit Communicants present engaged in a dialogue with Tom on a number of matters regarding personal spiritual growth and the current world situation. His book is available through: Modern Magickal Keys http://www.mindspring.com/~areofnyc/health/eisele.htm

"Join Tom Eisele to celebrate the publication of his first book, an innovative, practical manual of Western Mysticism styled after ancient Grimoiries of "Grammars" on Esoteric Practice. Tom will share insights leading to its creation and sign books."

2004 Summer Gathering Photo Montage



Defense from Dark Forces
The Secret within the Secret
String Theory & Human BioAcoustics
Sharry Edwards has discovered the progression, in sonic frequency,
from simple element to complex life-form.
She has decoded the biological frequency matrix.
By Kathy Greene & Ralph Fucetola

 Holding the Light in Dark Times
 Matrix Reloaded & Goedel's Theorem
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 Constitution of the United States

Amendment One - "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."


Law of Attraction
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 06/04/04 - Earth Changes Message from the Chair

05/24/04 - EARTH CHANGES WARNING:  "Go back and tell the people it is no longer the eleventh hour. Chief Lookinghorse has delivered his messages at sacred sites all over the world but it is still unclear to non Indian people just what is happening now, this very year, maybe even this very next month."  solar.htm#Urgent Warning.

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The Truth is Everywhere... - Kathy A. Greene on the end of the X-Files.

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Religious Injunction Against Vaccinations - 02/09/09

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AI Outreach Ministry - http://tinyurl.com/235lor - 06/13/07

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Defense from Dark Forces

Robert Anton Wilson
Passed into history, 01/11/07.

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Bob at LifeSpirit Parsonage
WEB CHAT - 4/13/86

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LifeSpirit Religious Beliefs regarding Vaccination.

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Statement Regarding Terrorism

. . . For the record, with reference to the domestic terrorism law and other terrorism laws, regulations and executive orders, universally, the LCC does not morally (or otherwise) support acts that are dangerous to human life, violate criminal law and "appear to be intended" to "intimidate or coerce a civilian population" or "influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion . . ."

The LCC does not engage in political activities, including supporting or opposing any military activities of the United States federal authorities.

From Mem and Mary Beth, NYC 9/11 Healing Grid
Sharry Edwards, BioAcoustics and BioTerrorism

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LifeSpirit Gatherings are usually held on Saturdays.
Our Quarterly Gatherings are usually the Saturday nearest the
Equinoxes and Summer Solstice and on New Years Eve.
The formal LCC Annual Meeting precedes the Fall Equinox Gathering.
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New Year's Gathering
Awesome Gathering!

Next gathering: Summer '09
Check back for details.

2005 Winter Gathering
New Year's Eve
12/31/05 - Newton LifeSpirit Center
Great fireworks & gathering!

2005 Summer Gathering
 07/02/05 -
8 PM 'til ...
Newton LifeSpirit Center
Circle at the
Crystal Dragon Grove
A great time was had by all!

Fall/Winter 2004/5 Gathering
New Years Eve - 2005 Photos

LifeSpirit Gathering
Saturday, Nov 13/14, 2004 - 4 PM
Delayed start to the Samhein Season with
The WebMavin, just back from
France and the Cassiopeians.
Photo Montage

New Year - 2003/4:
A great time was had by all!

Link to Photo Page

2004 Summer Gathering
Photo Montage

With links to fireworks videos.

2004 Summer Gathering was 07/03/04
Featured Speaker: Tom Eisele
Author of Modern Magickal Keys

We invited Tom Eisele to celebrate the publication of his first book, an innovative, practical manual of Western Mysticism styled after ancient Grimoiries or "Grammars" on Esoteric Practice. Tom shared insights leading to its creation and signed books.

Those of you who will be in the NW Jersey area are invited to join us at Newton LifeSpirit Parsonage.
We hold an Open Parsonage most Saturday Nights.
If you want to stay over, please bring sleeping bag and towel.
If you need directions, call us at 973-300-4594.  RSVP for Saturday Night Open Parsonage.

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If you need directions to the parsonage, please email us at lifespirit@usa.net and put "Directions Needed" in the subject line. You can join us via AOL Instant Messenger -- we are RalphKathyF or vitaminlawyer. Let us know your IM tag, email to lifespirit@usa.net with "AOL IM" in the subject line. For directions, you can also call us at, 973-300-4594.


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Current Index:

The Secret within the Secret - 05/06/07
Haiku: Law of Attraction - 04/14/07
Defense from Dark Forces
- 07/20/06

Wrath of God Superstorms
Rewiring Reality
Holding the Light
Matrix Reloaded

Homily Archives

LifeSpirit Homilies for the New Age: The Secret within the Secret


Many people have recently heard a lot about The Secret to creating your own reality through the Law of Attraction that what you think consistently is what you experience. This Secret has been known to metaphysical thinkers for literally eons, and it is a good thing that more people are learning about their true potential than ever before. The issue of creating your own reality is similar to C. G. Jung's concern about synchronicities and how to bring them about.


Jung is quoted (in his Foreword to the Wilhelm/Baynes I Ching) as having said the following about his concept of “synchronicity” -


"...a certain curious principle that I have termed synchronicity, a concept that formulates a point of view diametrically opposed to that of causality. Since the later is a merely statistical truth and not absolute, it is a sort of working hypothesis of how events evolve one out of another, whereas synchronicity takes the coincidence of events in space and time as meaning something more than mere chance, namely, a peculiar interdependence of objective events among themselves as well as with the subjective (psychic) states of the observer or observers."


It is that "peculiar interdependence" which is the heart of The Secret. It is the individual nexus between psyche and event that constitutes the manifestation of reality for the observer. Starting in the late 1920's, Jung and his students (such as Ira Progoff author of Jung, Synchronicity, and Human Destiny) have subjected Synchronicity to careful philosophical and scientific scrutiny. They came to certain conclusions regarding the patterns (or what Jung called the "constellations") of events which constitute the synchronistic nexuses - the creating of experienced reality; the core mental basis for the Law of Attraction.


The first, and initially surprising, understanding is that there are patterns. But this is precisely what we call "Synchronicity" - uncaused patterns which cannot be explained by "mere chance" -- which have meaning (contain information) for someone. From the chaos of experience, specific patterns manifest, attracted to the perceiver.


The second, and perhaps more startling point, is that there are specific mental states associated with Synchronicities. Without delving deeply into the Jungian Theory of Archetypes, it may be said that it is the psychic potential of activated Archetypes that appears to set the stage for the "constellating" of events ("Luck, be a Lady tonight..."). The mental states of "intense psychic concern" (Progoff) that activate Archetypes include the states familiar to religious practice: the ecstatic trance states which such practices as breath control, visualization, meditation, tantra, dance or ritual may trigger.


These are states of deepening mental level and although they may not, perhaps, be willed, conditions (rituals, states of mind...) can be structured to allow a mental state that allows the synchronistic event. But often the process occurs on deeply subconscious levels, the levels at which the Archetypes are active. It is from these deep levels of dream that the most powerful manifestation arises; for as the song says, “You gotta have a dream -- if you don’t have a dream, you’re never gonna have a dream come true.”


The technique of directed Consciousness and Energy ("C&E") as taught by Ramtha is a powerful example of such a structuring of one’s mental state through visualization. This includes focus on a Word or Image (I use, with a nod to Jung, the ancient Runes and specifically calculated bind runes).  Details of this technique are not difficult to master, but do require some attention to practice. Those details can be found in DVDs offered at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment – www.ramtha.com .


Another such technique, which can be used preliminarily to other techniques, is EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, with its Tapping and unconditional love of Self to break up negative patterns stored in the body systems. You must be clean and clear of negative conscious as well as negative unconscious programming to know what you really want and to love yourself enough to allow the Law of Attraction to bring what you want to you.  See: http://www.emofree.com/a/?3300 for more information about EFT. The LifeSpirit Clearings page is at: Clearing.html .


The set and setting matter; such things as good music, comfortable surroundings can all contribute to the visualization experience and its sense of ritual completeness that sets the Law of Attraction into motion.


Affirmations help set the stage for the “constellating” too. We like this one, taught by JZ Knight:


"I am today, and for as long as I can remember have always been, frequency specific with..."  Here add your Positive, Personal and Present affirmation.


The object is to "want, be, allow" and then experience your Heart's Desire. The important considerations are Gnosis and Praxis: the Knowledge that what you think and believe effects your reality and the Practices that implement that knowledge. As some Buddhists teach, it does not really matter what spiritual practices you use, the important thing is that, having knowledge, you engage in intentional actions to bring about what you want: Enlightenment. When you can say with belief, "I know the Secret" you... know the Secret.


You can only focus on your Self in doing this Work. Each sovereign Being has the right the manifest solely for that Being. As in the old Tradition, “Do with your own as you will.” Manifesting for Self is deeply allied with the Law of Attraction, powerfully build on the Many Worlds of Quantum Mechanics. Seeking dominance over others, or influence, or bending them to your will -- even just seeking to attract good through them, is ultimately… necromancy.


You are responsible for what you attract.  This is also part of the Law of Attraction. For, the Secret within the Secret is - “Thou art God…” And as God, why would You ever expect to experience anything other than Perfect Joy?


Haiku on the Law of Attraction


© 2007 - 05/06/07


This essay was inspired by an exchange on the Human BioAcoustics Forum. www.vocalprofiling.com



Rewiring Reality -
the Millennium Cosmic Gateways....

Getting Ready to Remake Our Realities


Global Consciousness Status

One of the first widely publicized of the "Global Consciousness Events" was the  Harmonic Convergence of August 16, 1987.  Hundreds of thousands of incipient New Agers, around the world, participated.  I remember being at Sandy Hook: the Silence, but for the waves of the sea, then a thousand voices OMing as vast orange beams of light reached from sea to mid-sky, with the rising Sun -- the Towers of the City, black, on the distant horizon.

With ever wider access to information, such Consciousness Events have begun to proliferate.  In recent years, 11/11 Gateways and astrological alignments have gained some notoriety.  Year 2003 was a kind of watershed for such events, with three being widely publicized over the Internet, including: the Mars Encounter of 8/27/03, the Harmonic Concordance Lunar Eclipse of 11/08/03 and the Solar Eclipse of 11/23/03.  To us, the Mars Peace Encounter was especially dynamic, with a gathering of like minds ritually "binding" the Mars energies to the path of Peace and Love at our LifeSpirit Medicine Wheel and Sacred Grove (see links below).

Coming years will manifest similarly synchronistic alignments and cosmic opportunities for manifestation of our Future.

March 2004 saw a rare alignment of the Five Visible Planets with the Moon, where they each nearly "kissed" Luna at sundown on successive days: a moment of rare magick, yet again. The significance of this alignment is found as Luna reveals and reflects the essential energies of the Five:  Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter.  There were additional events this past Spring and early Summer, with the June 8, 2004 Venus Solar Transit of particular interest (see: Solar Transit) as it is twinned with its sister Transit of June 6, 2012 (Venus Solar Transits come in pairs, every 130 years) - and note the "End of the World" (as-we-know-it) year, 2012.  The 2004 Venus Transit is seen as the opening of the End of Days, culminating in whatever may happen at the Winter Solstice, 2012.

We also note the experience of the Worldwide Harmonic Medicine Wheel - May 8, 2004 - where Indigenous Leaders gathered near Yellowstone and asked "All our Relations" to Activate Sacred Spaces (see: peaceprayer.htm#Medicine Wheel) to calm potential Earth Changes. There is significant concern that the Yellowstone Caldera may be preparing for one of its once every two million year blasts.  We held Prayer Circles at LifeSpirit Crystal Dragon Wheel Prayer Grove at Noon on May 8th, June 8th and July 25th (peaceprayer.htm#Merlin Cave).  September 11, 2004 developed into a Global Consciousness Event, Eleven Days of Global Unity - http://www.wetheworld.org/11days/.  See also, the October 2004 Alignments which relate to the 2003 Harmonic Concordance.  During 2005 several such events, including the March 5, 2005 Phi Gate Meditation and July 24/24ths' World Water Blessing apparently reached the level of Global Consciousness Event.  See:  Water Blessing and Phi Gate.

What is meant by "Global Consciousness Event" and what does it matter?  States the introduction to the Global Consciousness Project, "The mind's extended reach remains to be fully defined in scientific terms, but research on human consciousness suggests that we may have direct communication links with each other, and that our intentions can have effects in the world despite physical barriers and separations. We are compelled by good evidence to accept correlations that we cannot yet explain. It appears that consciousness may sometimes produce something that resembles, at least metaphorically, a nonlocal field of meaningful information."  The Project, headquartered at Princeton University, seeks to document and measure Events that produce effects on consciousness, world wide (see - http://noosphere.princeton.edu/ and also Dr. Claude  Swanson's Synchronized Universe, www.synchronizeduniverse.com or Dr. William Tiller (Simulator Hypothesis or  www.tiller.org).

The Project has begun to provide a visual summary of the output of the 65 random number generators scattered across the globe that constitute the Project's nexus. If you are using Foxfire or some other browsers, the colored button on the top of this article is an nearly real time summary of the randomness or coherence of the generators.  A correlation has been seen between coherence and events around the world that focus human consciousness.  Blue/green indicates randomness, yellow, orange and red degrees of coherence.  Bright red would be an indicator of some significant event (for "good or ill") about to happen.  The signal seems to propagate backward in time, giving a few hours to a day's warning of something about to happen.

This idea of a meaningful connection between consciousness and events was discussed by C.G. Jung in a number of places, including his Foreword to the Wilhelm/Baynes I CHING, where he said the connection is "...a certain curious principle that I have termed synchronicity, a concept that formulates a point of view diametrically opposed to that of causality. Since the later is a merely statistical truth and not absolute, it is a sort of working hypothesis of how events evolve one out of another, whereas synchronicity takes the coincidence of events in space and time as meaning something more than mere chance, namely, a peculiar interdependence of objective events among themselves as well as with the subjective (psychic) states of the observer or observers."

The New Age seeks to engage in such Events directly (to set the "constellation" of circumstances that allows the synchronicity, as Jung explained).  There, are, for example, world wide monthly and weekly events where untold thousands focus on Peace, in a wave of prayer and meditation that rolls across the entire Globe (LifeSpirit Center maintains its Peace Prayer web page to chronicle such events).  In our town, people meet every Friday evening at 6 PM to Witness for Peace at the Courthouse Green. That people can easily, independently coordinate such consciousness/spiritual activities across a town, the country, even the world, is an astounding development in human consciousness. 

In the past, such cooperation was only possible through the instrumentality of world religions, operating in time frames of centuries and millennia.  Think, for example, of how much effort and time it took to convince a quarter of the globe to pray facing Mecca, five times a day.  Now, however, small groups of Light Workers can accomplish, in days over the Internet, the type of coordination that prophets and politicians used to take lifetimes to accomplish.  And, we must note, the Sword cuts both ways:  People can unite in consciousness for the Good, or, they can be led into negative thought forms, coming to believe in such false behavior as "Jihad" or "governing," or focusing too much on possible Earth Changes.  Our thought forms need to be balanced and focused on positive Consciousness Events.

What do these Events accomplish for us?  Do they allow us real time opportunities to intervene in our perceived reality?  Are they, indeed, Gateways into a Future we manifest for ourselves, by intent, practice and expectation?  And what of Practice?  Do these events have beneficent results?  If not, we've joined together with other folk, at least seeking a better world.  If, though, mind matters and our future is ours to choose... then we can rewire our reality at any time and choose to experience that better world.

The future is Now, and we shall see...

LifeSpirit Peace Prayer & Events Page - updated often!
Venus Solar Transit - 06/08/04
Five Planet Lunar Alignment - 03/22/04
Harmonic Convergence - 08/16/87
Mars Peace Ritual - 08/27/03
Harmonic Concordance - 11/08/03
Solar System Changes Lead to Earth Changes
Global Consciousness Project, http://noosphere.princeton.edu/

Another example of Global Consciousness: The Go Gratitude Experiment

And do regularly check our often-updated Peace Prayer Page for more Cosmic Gateways information.

Gratitude:  Light a Virtual Candle

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12/17/03 - 03/23/04 - 05/23/04 - 08/30/04 - 09/09/04 - 08/25/05 - 12/10/05

The Law of Attraction
With Gratitude to the Ram for Consciousness & Energy

Who knows the secret
To attracting highest good?
Look in to find out.

This secret is all
About your inner nature;
How to bring it out.

Secret is "Be Free."
Sit and focus thought and breath;
Attract as you will.

Secret held in mind:
Clear image, out with your breath;
Brings you what you choose.


The Secret within the Secret

Recent Homilies

On Holding the Light in Dark Times
The Matrix Reloaded and Goedel's Theorem
Defense from Dark Forces
The Secret within the Secret

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Previous Homilies are Archived at: homilies.htm -- Including:

Only Love Prevails -- 10/02
Attitude is Everything! - 06/18/02
Mirror Technique - 12/01
Leadership and Self-Deception - 10/01
The Time Out of Time -- 03 & 06/01
Close Encounters Journal -- 12/00
The Lifespirit and the Secrets of the Kabbalah -- 09/09/00
Evolution and Change into the Year 2012 Gateway -- 06/01/00
May 5, 2000: The Final Alignment! -- 03/10/00
Elegy for the Millennium -- 12/7/99
The Power and the Glory -- 9/20/99
Preparing Body, Mind & Spirit -- 6/14/99
Frequency Protection -- 3/7/99
Millennium Madness -- 9/23/98
One Thousand Days 'Til the Millennium -- 2/10/97
The Holy Graal and the Quest for Self Sovereignty -- 2/29/96
Chaos and Manifestation in the New Age -- 8/30/95
What Happens Next? -- 5/16/95

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Kathy & Ralph Fucetola interview
Sharry Edwards on Internet Radio (01/24/03) - Transcript
Human BioAcoustics, Bioterrorism & Vaccniation


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Messages From the Chair...
Rev. Kathy Greene Fucetola

October 2004 Channeling

Join in the world peace effort -
Only Love Prevails!

Interview: Sharry Edwards on Internet Radio (01/24/03) - Transcript
Human BioAcoustics, Bioterrorism & Vaccniation

From the Chair

Previous "From the Chair" (1996 - 2000)

Bulletin Archives

Earth Changes Message from LCC Chairperson Greene

A Yuletide Poem

T'was the holiday morn, I'd been praying for peace,
for an end to the bloodshed, the hatred to cease,

now I reached in my stocking to see what was there
left by Santa and elves while I'd whispered my prayer.

T'was a letter from Santa with his thick white wax seal,
in the shape of a snowflake- looking icey and real,

as I cracked it in half and unrolled the short page,
I felt chills knowing Santa to be a great sage,

and he wrote, "when you humans stop giving your minds
to those who corrupt you with power that binds,

when you take back your souls from the rabbis and priests,
and the ministers, gurus and soul sucking beasts,

when you stop paying money to those who write "rules",
used to own you, control you and make you seem fools,

when you stop letting those who you vote for abuse you
and you realize their purpose is clearly to use you,

when you take back your power and turn on your brain
and you realize that those you elect are insane,

you'll repeal all those "rules" that give them ruling power-
and much warfare and bloodshed will end in that hour.

When you limit the size and the structure of "States",
then you limit corruption, deceptions and hates.

Politicians and priests are the scourge of this place.
You must get rid of them just to give Peace a face.

So to bring about peace, your "slave system" must stop-
for you are "slaves" to those who you vote to the top.

Learn to think for your selves, and to make your own choices,
learn to stand up for Freedom and get back your voices!"

Santa signed the message, his name blurred by his tears,
then went off with his elves and got plastered with beers.

And I sat by the fire, soon dreaming to see,
this world filled with a people, all loving and free.

Kathy A. Greene
December 25, 2006


  "Fear Not! Learn to Discern Rumor and Deception
from Truth and Possibility."
- X

  We have been receiving and forwarding information over the summer regarding the possibility of "hits from space" during this year.  There has also been talk about the decision by the U.S. and other governments to send their ships out to deep water at this time -- and that seemed to endorse the possibility of a comet pass-by or meteor strike (since ships are safer in deep water than near shorelines during tidal waves, etc) Ralph and I contacted a friend who apparently has very high "on the inside" clearance regarding these possibilities, and we spoke with X this morning.

  X says not to worry. Yes, we are going through a debris trail around June 8th. X believes that this is debris from comet Schumacher-Levy and while the largest pieces might have once posed a threat, they have been reduced in size and probably will not hit us. Yes there are rocks in the debris field but all is being watched. X does not see a threat of any other hits mentioned in the widely forwarded email alleged to be from the "Aussie" astronomer.

  X says that every year about this time, much of the navy goes to sea on maneuvers, but it is usually not reported. Korea sometimes presents difficulties, but the ships were not sent out for that reason. This a a stormy time - and shallow water may damage ships. X says that the comets out there are about 90% plotted and it only seems that there are more than usual because of increased reporting of same.

  X says that, yes, our weather anomalies are the result of the electro-static effect of these comets, and that new energies are coming in on the gamma level from the super galaxy. The ice storms are the result of density changes in the upper stratosphere. The Smoky Mountains (among the oldest on earth) are reacting to the electro-static forces and are  responsible for increased tornado activity in that area.  Such activity has increased since nature is trying to rebalance herself. The oceanic conveyer belt is bringing up more debris than usual, since the oceans have heated up and hot and cold areas must be equalized.

  The Day After Tomorrow has been put out as a warning for "extreme possibilities" so people begin to think about same. X is not aware of the fireball seen at Grover Mills, NJ last week, but The War of the Worlds radio show was placed there due to something (much smaller) that actually happened there many years before, involving an alien ship landing.  Planet X is out there - by Jupiter's orbit and is NOT a brown dwarf. (The subject got changed - I will ask more about this.)

  Much of the information being "put out" is disinformation from the dark side, intended to build fear (which they believe they can use to increase their power).

  So fear not!  But always keep extra water and a week's food handy in case of emergency!

  Love and blessings - K (06/05/04)

  See LifeSpirit Solar Storms
  See also, October 2004 Alignments


Opinion from the Chair
Funny how synchronicities work.

You think of something and it begins appearing all about you in slightly mutated ways. It is Easter weekend and so words like "sacrifice" and "resurrection" are being repeated over the tv and radio waves. Then there is "The Movie". The one about the pain of sacrifice- about the suffering one endured to honor his truth. I am noticing "sacrifice" all about me.

My husband and I have worked to help protect the field of alternative health opportunities since meeting in the late 60's. We have watched many suffer and sacrifice as they fight for the right to control their own health choices. We have seen others "disappear" in order to protect themselves and their wonderful inventions from attack and seizure. We have seen businesses fold because of the high expense of defending against the onslaught of those who want their products off the market.

I am a Human BioAcousticsä Research Associate of Sharry Edwards. I have been working with her for the past decade, amazed at her genius and dedication to serving those who need her. Her work is cutting edge and exceptional. As she develops a 3D matrix of frequency equivalents and the means and avenues to use them, she is creating a way to make our lives and our health easier to understand and control. There are some that don't like that. There are those who make their profit on the problems that Sharry deals with. They prefer to see her research slowed down. There are some that are jealous of her abilities. They will take her ideas and that which she has developed and market same as their own, diverting funds that could have furthered this new Science.

I have watched Sharry suffer the attacks of fools and thieves. I have seen her drained of energy as those who should protect this sacred work, some operating from positions of power, seek instead, to hold her back. I have seen laws perverted and language twisted to disadvantage her. Those doing this are base and ignorant. They are crippling a Science that they, themselves, may someday need. They are preventing the miracles that result from her work.

I have seen many of those miracles. I watched my sweating, retching husband’s temperature drop to normal after just 8 minutes of sounds created by Sharry. He looked perplexed. The nausea had completely disappeared, and wow! He felt “normal”.  When my son was suffering from both a virus and dehydration and his doctor was recommending emergency surgery to “unclog” him, I saw him unclog himself- using sounds from Sharry.  I have met people who “used” to have emphysema and are now fine. I have worked with a young formerly frozen tetraplegic who had to blink his eyes to communicate. After four years of sound work with Sharry, he has taken his first walk around the block, he can use his hands to “sign” and he is beginning to taste food and make sounds. I have seen people in pain leave Sharry’s office pain free. I have seen people, grey with poor circulation, walk out looking pink and healthy. How does this work?  We are energy- nothing but energy. There are no solids and Einstein proved that. Each of us is a walking symphony- and when our sounds – our energies- become unbalanced, it shows up in our “physical” beings. Sharry has been able to decipher many of those sounds and figure out the different ways that they work in the different pathways of our bodies.  She has figured out why different people will use the same energy in different ways and how to adjust for that.  This work is not complete, and Sharry works from early morning to early morning to fill in that growing mathematical matrix of energy frequency equivalents. 

Keeping this research alive and growing has not been easy. Sharry has had to sacrifice much materially, as well as time with her family and friends. She has lived simply so that funds could be used for more and more research. It costs money to do this research, especially in a scientific way, and now what little money there was, has been seized.

You see,  Sharry appears to be under attack by a Bank. I say that  this is a deliberate attack, because the notice of lien she received gave her five days to answer but was mailed to her five days after being issued!! The Bank is claiming money from her on a loan that she did not make. The signature on this loan was not made by her- most likely it was created by a former employee who embezzled much from the company- and the Bank does not dispute this. Nonetheless, they are playing dirty. They have seized her accounts and a certain Mafia styled Ohio law (one condemned by other states) allows this behavior.

Rife, Reich, Tesla, Dinshah  and many others were driven from their work and hounded to death or distraction by Powers who weren't worthy to lick their feet. It is Sharry's intent to "stay the course"-- but she does need help at this time. Thanks to the Bank, money is now no longer available.  Research expenses must be met if she is to be able to focus on further developments.  Those developments may bring about information and perhaps even cures for chronic diseases.  Those developments may affect our longevity and the quality of our lives. Those developments may prevent genetic problems from ever occurring. What would having such ability be worth to you?  Would you sacrifice a  “little bit” to see this science along?   If those who love and respect this science could each sacrifice a little, Sharry can move forward to do those brilliant things she does best!

Consider a world where all health information is lost to those already corrupted by ego and power. It is too close for comfort!  Now consider a “health” session” where your personal frequency equivalents, as analyzed from your voiceprint, can be fed into a computer and from there into a matrix of frequency equivalents, showing not only where your energy problems exist and what they are, but what pathway they took to get there! Follow that pathway back to “harmony”.  Sharry is already doing this. Your contribution will help her continue to make that Matrix and the ways to fine tune it more complete- this science will become more widely available as the technology develops. You can help in that development.

The Sound Health Research Institute is a 501c(3) organization developed to further the research of BioAcoustics. Contributions are tax deductible, and are very much needed at this time. Please consider making a contribution to this Institute and please, forward this information to those you know who are also looking for “better pathways”.  Edgar Cayce said that in the 21st century, much healing would be through the usage of “sound”.  Sharry Edwards is the person developing this means to health.  But I don’t know how much longer she can do this without the support of those who will ultimately benefit from her dedication.  Can you, please, contribute something?

Sound Health Research Institute, Inc. a non-profit, exempt, tax deductible organization, wants to help preserve Ms. Edwards’ Work.  You can help us by going to http://www.soundhealthresearch.org, opening up the Urgent Appeal page there and donating whatever you can; every donation, no matter what amount, will help.  Also, please forward this email to anyone you think might be able to help, and link to our Urgent Appeal page.  There is a Statement there from Ms. Edwards that I urge everyone to read.

Kathy Greene Fucetola
April 2004


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